A Solemn Declaration from TOY0+

(A Solemn Declaration from TOYZEROPLUS)

近日我們收到網上流傳照片,發現有人將Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 02自行地複製多個不同版本,這些版本並非得到由「白白日記」官方授權,亦非TOYZEROPLUS的官方岀品。

(TOYZEROPLUS has recently received photos on the social networks and found out that someone has copied Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 02 into several versions on their own. These products are not officially authorized by the “Bac Bac’s Diary”and not produced by TOYZEROPLUS either.)

TOYZEROPLUS非常關注事件並強烈譴責有關不法行為,不論屬於個人收藏或發售,均損害原作者心血、亦等同於「侵犯版權」。我司已跟白白日記作者以及其經理人公司報告有關事宜,並在此提醒消費者,Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker系列產品均有原裝包裝盒及官方受權貼紙,並只推出過原色的搪膠版本,請勿購買任何非官方授權版本(見圖)。

(We are seriously concerned and strongly condemn on this action, no matter it is a personal collection or for sale, it is equivalent to “copyright infringement.” We had reported the certain matters to both Darylhochi and HM Music, and declared that the original Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker series are produced with only one version and came with a packaging box with license stickers at the bottom, Please do not purchase any unofficial authorized versions[as attached].)


(Please respect author who own with the character rights and say NO to fake products!)

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