Animal Series of Demon Craft and Ushioni

Our +Artist, Scotty Wang has always brought our fans surprises. There is no exception this time.

Collaborated with TOY0+, Scotty based on the concept of “Wild Living Animal” and presented the new series of Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai at 19八3 ATS!

This time, Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai has moved their battle into the jungle and transformed to a Jaguar and Giant Panda!

Designed by Scotty Wang, produced by TOY0+, the animal series was first available at 19八3 ATS!

我們的+Artist,Scotty Wang一直以來都給粉絲帶來很多驚喜,今次也不例外。

與TOY0+合作,Scotty為匠鬼及牛鬼武士打造全新的「動物系列」,並初次於19八3 ATS登場!


由Scotty Wang設計,TOY0+生產,「動物系列」優先於19八3 ATS現場發售!

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