+Artist X ACGHK 2017

在為期五天的香港動漫電玩節,首次展出了由TOY0+跟星星兔聯手製作的Sing Sing Rabbit星星兔搪膠公仔,反應熱烈。

The SING SING RABBIT Soft Vinyl Figure, collaborated by Sing Sing Rabbit and TOY0+, was firstly launched during the five-day ACGHK 2017.


同場還有+Artist林皮和米路莎,於展區B.O.A.T – Art & Toys Exhibition展出「女飛賊蘇飛(夜光版)」以及「Ribbon Lady and White Lady」。

At the same time, two other +Artists, Lam Pei and Miloza, also introduced their art toy series”Flying Sofye (Glow In The Dark Version)” and “Ribbon Lady & White Lady” at the B.O.A.T – Art & Toys Exhibition.





Moreover, TOY0+’s reporter, Karim, had interviews with all three +artists and broadcasted on Facebook Live, so to let our fans read the most updated news.



Program review

Facebook live interview with Sing Sing Rabbit (星星兔):

Toyzeroplus 发布于 2017年7月28日

Facebook live interview with Lam Pei (林皮):

Facebook Live with Lam Pei Lam

Toyzeroplus 发布于 2017年7月28日

Facebook live interview with Miloza (米路莎):

Toyzeroplus 发布于 2017年7月27日




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