Ribbon Lady

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+ ARTIST : Miloza

Miloza Ma is an individual illustrator and character designer, she has been inspired by classic fairy-tales concept which also reflected on her works. Ribbon Lady is one of her created characters which based on her solo exhibition last December in Taiwan - “The Fairy Twins”.

米路沙(Miloza Ma)是位多元化創作人,現為插畫師及角色設計師。米路沙的作品常以經典童話作為靈感,以推出這款Ribbon Lady搪膠公仔是以去年12月在台灣舉辦個人畫展《The Fairy Twins 童話雙胞胎》作為藍本。

" It's because I really love this fairy tale story and present this idea in my own style, and that's why I created "Ribbon Lady", I hope you guys will like it too! " - Miloza

Miloza: 「因為我太愛這童話!很想用自己風格去表達這童話概念,而繪出這小淑女,希望你們會喜歡!」

Size : ~20cm(H)
Colour: Fairy Pink
Material : Vinyl

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Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China