Available Now: Our New Member – SHABU SUKE!

A stray cat was raised and taught by a Samurai, Ronin. He is named “SHABU SUKE” as Japanese Suki Shabu is his favourite food while he got more power to fight after having Shabu Shabu!

Shabu Suke is gifted with fighting, talented by learning with different skills really fast. He practices hard and intents to challenge other warriors, that how he trains himself to become the best Samurai in the world.

SHABU SUKE by Thai artist “Jarupat Intrawatana(SuperTon)” is available now at TOY0+ website!!!

一隻流浪貓被武士Ronin收養及訓練,成為真正武士,牠叫”SHABU SUKE 武士貓”. 喜歡日式火鍋Shabu Shabu的牠,往往能給予無比力量去戰鬥,加上天賦的幫助,比其他武士學習更快更準。每天的辛勞訓練,都是為了挑戰其他對手,夢想一天成為全世界最優秀的「武士貓」!

由泰國設計師 “Jarupat Intrawatana(SuperTon)”,「SHABU SUKE 武士貓」現正於TOY0+官網發售!


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