Bringing a wide variety of products collaboratively created with our +Artists, TOY0+ generated a great voice and successful sales results from the Taipei International Toy Creation Exhibition 2017 (TTF) (7-10/10). We are so appreciate our fans who queued to visit TOY0+’s booth and buy our goods. Thank you for your support!



The response of Bac Bac’s Diary was so enthusiastic that all of its products were sold out.  “Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01 (Plain color version)” is the latest product released and it was firstly launched during the exhibition. We also organized the “Bac Bac’s Diary x TOY0+ Autograph Session”, inviting Darylhochi, the author of Bac Bac’s Diary, to color on the “mini Bac Bac” and sign on other Bac Bac products. Under her creativity, we saw fans happily bringing their unique and lovely mini Bac Bac back home. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


新款式「Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01(素色版本)」今次首次在TTF亮相,我們亦舉行了「白白日記 X TOY0+粉絲簽名會暨點睛會」,讓作者Darylhchoi為素色小白白「點睛」和其他白白產品簽名,在她的手筆下,粉絲們都帶著一隻又一隻,可愛又獨一無二的小白白回家。ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

「白白日記 X TOY0+粉絲簽名會暨點睛會」直播 @ 台北國際玩具創作大展2017"Bac Bac's Diary x TOY0+ Autograph Session" LIVE @ Taipei Toy Festival 2017Darylhochi

Toyzeroplus 发布于 2017年10月8日


“Demon Craft” by +Artist, Scotty Wang, was also very popular. “Demon Craft (Wooden Craft Version)” and “Demon Craft (Galaxy Version)” were the limited products in TTF and they were all sold out. Moreover, TOY0+ organized a suprise event. Those who successfully puchased “Demon Craft (Humanoid/Galaxy/Wooden Craft Version)” and got a header card with Scotty’s autograph and the word “Lucky” on it could get a special gift – the freshly released “Demon Craft Daruma”. Congratulations to all our lucky fans again!

+Artist Scotty Wang的匠鬼也非常受歡迎,會場特別版「匠鬼.宇宙/木化」已全部售罄。我們亦進行了「神秘活動」,成功入手匠鬼「人造人/木化/宇宙」版本的粉絲,如包裝內的頭卡有Scotty的親筆簽名和「Lucky字樣,便可獲得一份特別禮物 – 「匠鬼.達磨」,在此再次恭喜各位幸運兒!

Yoko, who has just joined our +Artist family, her Jimmy & Mimi toy were also sold out.



In addition, Kungchinchin’s Rainie, Miloza’s Ribbon Lady & White Lady and Lam Pei’s Flying Sofye got much support, too. Thank you all our fans and hope to see you in next year’s TTF!


還有工千芊的Rainie,Miloza的Ribbon Lady & White Lady和林皮的女飛賊蘇飛,都引來了不少的支持,謝謝各位,希望我們下年再於TTF見吧!


Bringing a number of +Artists and their toy products collaborated with TOY0+, we are ready to set off to the Taipei International Toy Creation Exhibition 2017 (TTF). See you at our booth, B20 !

The blue-haired boy Jaime, grew up with his little white dog Mimi, they stay along with each other all the time.

The collaboration of TOY0+ and +Artist Yoko, will be introducing the first Jaime + Mimi soft vinyl collectible set. As a fan of Jaime and Mimi, don’t miss out the chance to take them home!

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而TOY0+和+Artist Yoko製作的詹米搪膠公仔,當然也不少得他的好朋友米米陪伴左右,詹米與米米設計師玩具將以精緻套裝一同出售,好讓粉絲們帶齊兩位可愛的朋友周圍去!


TOY0+ and +Artist, Darylhochi, has prepared some great surprises for the TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL 2017 (TTF) and such a Bac Bac fan like you should not miss! For those who cannot attend the festival, no worries, you have still got a chance to buy Bac Bac products online!

TOY0+和+Artist Darylhoch為即將舉行的台北國際玩具創作大展2017(TTF)預備了不少驚喜,身在台灣的白白粉絲切勿錯過!而未能參與TTF的朋友們也不用太擔心,你們還是有機會在網上購買白白產品的!


Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01

We believe that most of our Bac Bac’s fans had use those adorable Bac Bac Stickers. TOY0+ is collaborating with Darylhochi again to bring these Bac Bac Stickers to life,  by introducing the first Bac Bac’s mini soft vinyl toy series – “Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker”.

The “Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01 (Plain colour version)” will be firstly launched at TTF. You will not “say no” to the fat little polar bear who is rubbing its lovely face.The toy is 5.5cm tall in total and it comes with a nice packaging box.

The “Standard version” of “Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01”, will be available for preorder at TOY0+ online store, please stay tuned with our Facebook/Instagram after TTF2017.*

Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01

相信白白的粉絲,都一定會有用過白白日記的貼圖,他們表情和動作生動、可愛。TOY0+再次與Darylhochi合作,將白白日記貼圖實體化,推岀「Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker」迷你搪膠收藏玩具系列。




Bac Bac.Let’s Go Sketching (Resale Version)

We had released the “Bac Bac.Let’s Go Sketching” last year which had been sold out in a short period. After receiving queries and feedbacks from our fans, we are happy to announce that “Bac Bac.Let’s Go Sketching” will be available for resale at Taipei Toy Festival 2017 at TOY0+ Booth B20.

“Bac Bac.Let’s Go Sketching”(Resale Version) included a 12cm tall soft vinyl Bac Bac figure, with a set of accessories included glasses/pencil/side bag and a nice packaging box.

For those who are not able to attend TTF2017, “Bac Bac.Let’s Go Sketching” will be available for preorder at our TOY0+ Online Store on the first day of Taipei Toy Festival(7th October), don’t miss out the opportunity to get your Sketching Bac Bac this time!





Bac Bac’s Diary x TOY0+ Autograph Session

During TTF, TOY0+ has invited Darylhochi to hold an “Bac Bac’s Diary x TOY0+ Autograph Session” for our fans on the first 2 days (7-8 Oct) 2-4pm at TOY0+ Booth B20.

Fans might have the chance to meet Darylhochi for the autograph. For those fans who are not able to attend the autograph session, you can also express your artistic talent by DIY on the mini Bac Bac!

When customers purchase any Bac Bac’s products at TOY0+ Booth (B20) on 7th/8th morning and willing to join the autograph session on the same day, we will be giving a “Tag”. While the autograph session will divided into 4 sections:


Please come to our booth by follow the specific sections marked on your tag. Our staff will indicate the queue route location, please be patience and follow our instructions.


  1. The autograph session tags will only available when purchasing Bac Bac’s Diary products at TOY0+ Booth (B20).
  2. To avoid blocking the main circulation, please come to our booth for the autograph session by following the specific section marked on the tags.
  3. Please show our staff the tags before at entering the queue.
  4. Please be aware that there might be a delay on each sessions, follow all the instructions from our staff.
  5. Please note that there is a limited quota on the given out tags, good luck everyone!

白白日記 X TOY0+粉絲簽名會暨點睛會

TOY0+邀請了Darylhochi在10月7至8日(星期六/日)的2pm-4pm,於TOY0+的攤位(B20)進行 – 「白白日記 X TOY0+粉絲簽名會暨點睛會」。







簽名會進行期間,Darylhochi更會為已獲取號碼牌的粉絲,在首次發售的Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker(素色版本)公仔上進行「點睛」。



  1. 簽名號的名額,只適用於在會場內購買TOY0+的白白日記產品才可獲取。
  2. 為了避免人流擁擠而造成的混亂,請按簽名號上所列明的時段,前來TOY0+攤位(B20)參加簽名會。
  3. 請顧客屆時向我們的工作人員,岀示已獲取的簽名號碼牌以作證明。
  4. 每個時段有機會因爲簽名時間而稍為延誤,請留意工作人員現場安排。
  5. 兩天派發簽名號碼牌名額有限,派完即止喔!

BLOOOO… Who says monsters are always scary and cruel? Meet Mooncasket’s Bloofus to see how this lovely and huggable blue creature treats everything with a beautiful heart.

***Bloofus by Mooncasket, COMING SOON in +ARTIST SERIES***

BLOOOO… 誰說怪獸就一定是可怕和兇殘?由Mooncasket設計的Bloofus,就是一隻心地善良和可愛的藍色怪獸,令人不禁想給牠擁抱一下!

***Bloofus by Mooncasket, 即將於+Artist系列登場***