We are happy to introduce a new member in +Artist Series, “Song Song Meow by Second” from Taiwan! Stay tuned with us and new products will be coming soon!

很高興+Artist系列再增添一位新成員,同樣是可愛治癒的貓貓,這次是來自台灣的爽爽貓 by Second!
“TOYZEROPLUS X 爽爽貓”的新作品即將發佈,敬請期待!

“Dou Dou” is an adorable Shiba Inu puppy who loves to play with people in the studio, and never wants to go to bed, unless wearing a one-piece pyjamas with his little snuggle fox.

Designed by Dog Together, produced by TOY0+, “Dou Dou” soft vinyl toy will be first available at Tokyo Wonder Festival Summer & Beijing AP1983 Art Toy Show!


由Dog Together設計,TOY0+生產,小柴犬「荳荳」搪膠公仔即將於東京Wonder Festival Summer及北京19八3 Art Toy Show優先發售!

Thank you for supporting us at 19八3 ATS, and appreciated the following artists: Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise / Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwang Studio / Kong Andri!

感謝大家在19八3的支持,亦感謝以下參與的設計師,Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise/ Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwand Studio / Kong Andri


One-off Rinko’s Painting by Surkrit Jitshob, A3 size as 420 x 297mm, available in first come first served on 5th AUG.

由RINKO作者Surkrit Jitshob親手繪畫的小壁虎RINKO彩畫,尺寸為420 x 297mm,於8月5號開賣,只有一幅先到先得!


One-off Bloofus by Mooncasket X Vivianwang Studio sold via lottery on 5th AUG, which was painted by Vivian with her Mixed-color style, and holding little “Bunny” designed by Vivian.

Mooncasket聯乘Vivianwang Studio制作的小巨人Bloofus,以顏料色彩碰撞的手法,為小巨人Bloofus塗上繽紛色彩,同時抱著由Vivian設計的Bunny,於8月5號現場抽選發售。



Din Dong and his friends has become “Lucky Cats” and are going to bring everyone joy and love!

TOY0+ is introducing a new Mini-Sofubi series designed by John Chan – Din Dong the Lucky Cat Series.

The 6cm Sofubi series included 4 versions: Din Dong / JentleCat / Neko8 / Momo Meow, each one included a magnetic accessory and can be attached on the mini figure.

Din Dong Lucky Cat Series is now available at The Grand Cinema in Elements (圓方), with a special “Ding Dong X KIFF Edition” only available on IVM Vending Machine!

The series will also be available at Toysoul Summer Soul HK on 18th August!


為大家介紹由John Chan設計的全新系列 – 癲噹(招財貓系列) 6CM迷你搪膠公仔,一共4個款式,除癲噹以外,還有貓好友阿讚貓、貓八八及忙忙貓,每款貓仔配有專屬磁性小配件,可與貓肚位置相吸作為展示。

癲噹(招財貓系列) 迷你公仔系列現於Elements(圓方) The Grand Cinema 的「IVM智能售賣機」優先發售,當中更加插一款 癲噹 X 香港國際兒童電影節KIFF 獨家限定版本!

癲噹(招財貓系列) 亦同步於8月18日Summer Soul現場發售!

Our new +Artist from Thailand, Surkrit Jitshob (Birth) brought his character the little gecko “Rinko” to join the 19八3 Art Toy Show.

Designed by Birth and produced by TOY0+, the Rinko soft vinyl toy is 10.5cm tall, both head and legs are movable. The original colour way is available in 2 different versions, “Standing and Crawling”.

最新加盟TOY0+ +Artist系列的泰國設計師Surkrit Jitshob (Birth),帶著其設計的小壁虎”Rinko”參展。
由Surkrit Jitshob (Birth)設計,TOY0+生產,Rinko(原色版本)搪膠公仔全高10.5cm,頭部及四腳均可動,附有企立和爬行2個版本。

Apart from the original colour version, TOY0+ had also prepared a special Rinko for the show.

Based on multi-colour gradient on translucent body, included 2 different versions of “Standing and Crawling” in limited quantity!

除原色版本之外,我們還準備了一款特別版Rinko,以半透明幻彩塗妝上色,附有企立和爬行2個版本,於19八3 ATS限量發售!

Our +Artist, Mooncasket brought several special editions of Bloofus to 19八3 ATS in Beijing! Let’s have a look of all these stunning artwork!

我們的+Artist,Mooncasket為北京的19八3 ATS帶來多款Bloofus特別版。一起來看看這些超贊的作品!


Thank you VIVIANWANG Studio by doing the special items for the 19八3 ATS, by collaborated with Mooncasket, Bloofus is painted by Vivian with her mixed-colour style, and holding little “Bunny” designed by Vivian. The three-off version(Yellow) were available first come first serve, and the one-off version was available via Lottery at TOY0+ booth at 19八3 ATS.

感謝Vivianwang Studio為19八3 ATS製作了兩款特別產品,與+Artist Mooncasket合作,Vivian以顏料色彩碰撞的手法,為小巨人Bloofus塗上繽紛色彩,並抱著由Vivian設計的Bunny。3款黃色版本以先到先得形式發售,而One-off版本則於19八3 ATS現場TOY0+展位以抽選形式發售。


We offered an auction item as one of the highlights for the show, by bringing our +Artist Mooncasket together with KiK Toyz and Poriin.

Bloofus is painted in a special Candy colour way and holding an adorable mini-unicorn and mini-fenni!

為大家介紹19八3 ATS重點之一,TOY0+和大小孩企業社聯同設計師Mooncasket,Kik Toyz及Poriin制作的拍賣產品,Bloofus以糖果顏色塗妝,抱著迷你版的凸仔和小狐狸。


BOOM…!!! By bringing Mooncasket and Indonesian Artist, Kong Andri together for the collaboration, here came a special edition of Bloofus based on the concept of SUMMER BOOM, with the mixture of orange and green represents sunshine and plant, with the mini-bomb on Bloofus’s hands to “Explode With Happiness” for everyone!

這次我們邀請了印尼藉設計師Kong Andri聯乘Mooncasket合作,為大家帶來了小巨人Bloofus的特別版本,概念沿自”SUMMER BOOM”,身上的橙、綠配色代表著陽光及植物,附上身上的小炸彈,為炎炎夏日發放笑彈!