“Dou Dou” is an adorable Shiba Inu puppy who loves to play with people in the studio, and never wants to go to bed, unless wearing a one-piece pyjamas with his little snuggle fox.

Designed by Dog Together, produced by TOY0+, “Dou Dou” soft vinyl toy will be first available at Tokyo Wonder Festival Summer & Beijing AP1983 Art Toy Show!


由Dog Together設計,TOY0+生產,小柴犬「荳荳」搪膠公仔即將於東京Wonder Festival Summer及北京19八3 Art Toy Show優先發售!

Din Dong and his friends has become “Lucky Cats” and are going to bring everyone joy and love!

TOY0+ is introducing a new Mini-Sofubi series designed by John Chan – Din Dong the Lucky Cat Series.

The 6cm Sofubi series included 4 versions: Din Dong / JentleCat / Neko8 / Momo Meow, each one included a magnetic accessory and can be attached on the mini figure.

Din Dong Lucky Cat Series is now available at The Grand Cinema in Elements (圓方), with a special “Ding Dong X KIFF Edition” only available on IVM Vending Machine!

The series will also be available at Toysoul Summer Soul HK on 18th August!


為大家介紹由John Chan設計的全新系列 – 癲噹(招財貓系列) 6CM迷你搪膠公仔,一共4個款式,除癲噹以外,還有貓好友阿讚貓、貓八八及忙忙貓,每款貓仔配有專屬磁性小配件,可與貓肚位置相吸作為展示。

癲噹(招財貓系列) 迷你公仔系列現於Elements(圓方) The Grand Cinema 的「IVM智能售賣機」優先發售,當中更加插一款 癲噹 X 香港國際兒童電影節KIFF 獨家限定版本!

癲噹(招財貓系列) 亦同步於8月18日Summer Soul現場發售!

The release of Shiba Inu puppy “Dou Dou” has drawn everyone’s heart. Toy0+ and Dog Together has produced a special pink color of Dou Dou as exclusive version at 19八3 ATS!

自公佈推出小柴犬「荳荳」以來,我們收到了很多粉絲查詢。TOY0+跟Dog Together為北京粉絲送上粉紅版本的荳荳,在19八3 ATS現場限定發售!

Our new +Artist from Thailand, Surkrit Jitshob (Birth) brought his character the little gecko “Rinko” to join the 19八3 Art Toy Show.

Designed by Birth and produced by TOY0+, the Rinko soft vinyl toy is 10.5cm tall, both head and legs are movable. The original colour way is available in 2 different versions, “Standing and Crawling”.

最新加盟TOY0+ +Artist系列的泰國設計師Surkrit Jitshob (Birth),帶著其設計的小壁虎”Rinko”參展。
由Surkrit Jitshob (Birth)設計,TOY0+生產,Rinko(原色版本)搪膠公仔全高10.5cm,頭部及四腳均可動,附有企立和爬行2個版本。

Apart from the original colour version, TOY0+ had also prepared a special Rinko for the show.

Based on multi-colour gradient on translucent body, included 2 different versions of “Standing and Crawling” in limited quantity!

除原色版本之外,我們還準備了一款特別版Rinko,以半透明幻彩塗妝上色,附有企立和爬行2個版本,於19八3 ATS限量發售!

Our +Artist, Scotty Wang has always brought our fans surprises. There is no exception this time.

Collaborated with TOY0+, Scotty based on the concept of “Wild Living Animal” and presented the new series of Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai at 19八3 ATS!

This time, Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai has moved their battle into the jungle and transformed to a Jaguar and Giant Panda!

Designed by Scotty Wang, produced by TOY0+, the animal series was first available at 19八3 ATS!

我們的+Artist,Scotty Wang一直以來都給粉絲帶來很多驚喜,今次也不例外。

與TOY0+合作,Scotty為匠鬼及牛鬼武士打造全新的「動物系列」,並初次於19八3 ATS登場!


由Scotty Wang設計,TOY0+生產,「動物系列」優先於19八3 ATS現場發售!