Thank you for supporting us at 19八3 ATS, and appreciated the following artists: Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise / Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwang Studio / Kong Andri!

感謝大家在19八3的支持,亦感謝以下參與的設計師,Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise/ Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwand Studio / Kong Andri


One-off Rinko’s Painting by Surkrit Jitshob, A3 size as 420 x 297mm, available in first come first served on 5th AUG.

由RINKO作者Surkrit Jitshob親手繪畫的小壁虎RINKO彩畫,尺寸為420 x 297mm,於8月5號開賣,只有一幅先到先得!


One-off Bloofus by Mooncasket X Vivianwang Studio sold via lottery on 5th AUG, which was painted by Vivian with her Mixed-color style, and holding little “Bunny” designed by Vivian.

Mooncasket聯乘Vivianwang Studio制作的小巨人Bloofus,以顏料色彩碰撞的手法,為小巨人Bloofus塗上繽紛色彩,同時抱著由Vivian設計的Bunny,於8月5號現場抽選發售。



Our +Artist, Mooncasket brought several special editions of Bloofus to 19八3 ATS in Beijing! Let’s have a look of all these stunning artwork!

我們的+Artist,Mooncasket為北京的19八3 ATS帶來多款Bloofus特別版。一起來看看這些超贊的作品!


Thank you VIVIANWANG Studio by doing the special items for the 19八3 ATS, by collaborated with Mooncasket, Bloofus is painted by Vivian with her mixed-colour style, and holding little “Bunny” designed by Vivian. The three-off version(Yellow) were available first come first serve, and the one-off version was available via Lottery at TOY0+ booth at 19八3 ATS.

感謝Vivianwang Studio為19八3 ATS製作了兩款特別產品,與+Artist Mooncasket合作,Vivian以顏料色彩碰撞的手法,為小巨人Bloofus塗上繽紛色彩,並抱著由Vivian設計的Bunny。3款黃色版本以先到先得形式發售,而One-off版本則於19八3 ATS現場TOY0+展位以抽選形式發售。


We offered an auction item as one of the highlights for the show, by bringing our +Artist Mooncasket together with KiK Toyz and Poriin.

Bloofus is painted in a special Candy colour way and holding an adorable mini-unicorn and mini-fenni!

為大家介紹19八3 ATS重點之一,TOY0+和大小孩企業社聯同設計師Mooncasket,Kik Toyz及Poriin制作的拍賣產品,Bloofus以糖果顏色塗妝,抱著迷你版的凸仔和小狐狸。


BOOM…!!! By bringing Mooncasket and Indonesian Artist, Kong Andri together for the collaboration, here came a special edition of Bloofus based on the concept of SUMMER BOOM, with the mixture of orange and green represents sunshine and plant, with the mini-bomb on Bloofus’s hands to “Explode With Happiness” for everyone!

這次我們邀請了印尼藉設計師Kong Andri聯乘Mooncasket合作,為大家帶來了小巨人Bloofus的特別版本,概念沿自”SUMMER BOOM”,身上的橙、綠配色代表著陽光及植物,附上身上的小炸彈,為炎炎夏日發放笑彈!


「匠鬼之怒」圓滿結束,先要感謝各位前來Vintage Vinyl Club (VVC) 支持的朋友,亦要謝謝匠鬼創作者Scotty專程來到香港和大家見面,以及VVC Jimmy (明哥) 全力協助,當然不少得這次參與製作One-Off作品的所有設計師!

The Demon Craft Solo Show finished perfectly. Firstly, thank you all the participants who came Vintage Vinyl Club (VVC) to support. Moreover, we have to express our great thanks to the creator of Demon Craft, Scotty, who came to Hong Kong from Taiwan to meet our fans. Also, we appreciate Jimmy for the assistance in VVC. Last but not least, thank you all the artists who designed the one-off Demon Craft items!

感謝大家支持「匠鬼之怒」- 首個匠鬼個人展覽Scotty.W.Toys,亦要特別嗚謝Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場提供場地,現在為大家送上精彩回顧!Thank you everyone to support the Demon Craft Solo Show, specially thanks to Vintage & Vinyl Club by providing the venue, please enjoy the video!#toyzeroplus #toyzeroplusartist #scottywang #demoncraft #匠鬼 #ushionisamurai #牛鬼武士 #demoncraftsoloshow #匠鬼之怒 #demoncraftthedestroyer #thedestroyer #匠鬼殲滅者 #vintagevinylclub #膠易廣場 #sofubi #designertoyshow #soloshow #arttoyshow #oneoff

Toyzeroplusさんの投稿 2018年6月20日水曜日


Let’s review the lottery session together!


Lottery Time of Demon Craft Solo

Toyzeroplusさんの投稿 2018年6月8日金曜日

One-off Lottery Time

Toyzeroplusさんの投稿 2018年6月9日土曜日

Our +Artist Scotty Wang Scotty.W.Toys has been invited to participate in the upcoming KENNYSWORK x INSTINCTOY 2018 Exhibition, organized by Monster Taipei.

Scotty has specially designed a “Erosion Molly in Demon Craft Style” for the one-off auction, the Exhitbition will be held from 15th-24th June, please follow Monster Taipei Facebook page for more details!

由Monster Taipei舉辦的KENNYSWORK x INSTINCTOY 2018 雙人聯展,我們的+Artist Scotty Wang被獲邀參加,更為這次展覽特別製作了一款匠鬼版本的”Erosion Molly”作為One-Off拍賣。展覽於6月15-24號舉行,如有興趣可關注Monster Taipei Facebook Page獲得更多資訊。

Great thanks to the 28 artists, who painted their unique crossover versions for Demon Craft. They will all participate as the one-off versions in the lottery on 9-10th June’s Demon Craft Solo Show.

非常感謝為匠鬼Crossover而特別設計並上色的28位設計師,他們的作品均會在6月9-10日的「匠鬼之怒」 – 匠鬼個人展進行One-off抽選。


Besides the above crossover versions, there will also be “The Destroyer” in the lottery, which is limited to 5 pieces in the globe.



Not only Demon Craft is joining the party, but also Daruma! TOY0+ is launching the “Demon Craft Daruma – Skeleton “Glow In The Dark (GITD) Version”. Designer, Scotty Wang has plugged a new sculpted skeleton structure into the Daruma and added a glow in the dark effect. It will initially release at the Demon Craft Solo Show.

當然還有不能少的達磨!這次TOY0+推出了「匠鬼.達磨 – 內骨夜光版」;設計師Scotty Wang重新塑造了達磨的內骨結構,並附有夜光效果,於「匠鬼之怒」 – 匠鬼個人展現場優先發售。


As the Weapon Pack for Demon Craft/Ushioni Samurai is becoming our fans’ favorite accessories, TOY0+ is introducing a “SERIES 2” of the Weapon Pack and will be launched on 9th June, at the Demon Craft Solo Show!



Lastly, thank you DIO Channel 太歲 for the interview of the Demon Craft Solo Show. Looking forward to it and see you all at Vintage Vinyl Club!

最後,感謝DIO Channel 太歲為大家現場直擊「匠鬼之怒」展覽。萬分的期待!明天在Vintage Vinyl Club見!

[展覽直擊] 匠鬼之怒.Demon Craft Solo Show

[展覽直擊] 匠鬼之怒.Demon Craft Solo Show 日期 : 9 June 2018 – 15 June 2018時間 : 12 PM – 9 PM地點 : Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場#展覽直擊 #diochannel #CWHK #太歳 #熊仔 #Vintage & #Vinyl #Club #膠易廣場 #匠鬼之怒 #Demon #Craft #Solo #Show #Scotty.#W.#Toys #DemonCraftAft #Toyzeroplus

DIO Channelさんの投稿 2018年6月8日金曜日


The naughty Demon Craft fell on the ground and got hurt on his knees that made him cried. Mom Ushioni reassured him gently and this seemed gradually reducing his pain. Mother is really the best in the world and she treats us with a lot of love.

However, if you make Mom Ushioni angry, she would turn into a devil and become your most scary nightmare in life. Therefore, to all Demon Craft children, remember not to let your mom down, do behave well and this is the way to save your life!

Check out our ONE-OFF Mother’s Day Version of Ushioni X Demon Craft with FUNK TOY 放克玩具 and wish every mama a Happy Mother’s Day!




來看看我們跟 FUNK TOY 放克玩具 推出的 ONE-OFF 母親節版牛鬼 X 匠鬼。祝天下媽媽母親節快樂!