Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of Demon Craft – “Ushioni Samura – Ganesha”

It has been a year since Demon Craft first launched last year in Thailand.

To celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Demon Craft, +Artist Scotty Wang and we had created the “Ushioni Samura – Ganesha”.

Ushioni Samurai got the power from “Ganesha” to form Ushioni Ganesha, referencing to the colour of traditional Ganesha, Scotty also sculpted a new mask for this limited edition.

Limited to 50 sets worldwide, 40 sets were available at Thailand Toy Expo!


為慶祝匠鬼一週年,+Artist Scotty Wang與我們精心打造「牛鬼.象神」送給粉絲!


牛鬼象神限量50套,當中40套於Thailand Toy Expo 2018(TTE)現場發售!


Sharing this picture of the “Ushioni Ganesha” with the glow in the dark effect!



There were additionally a weapon set specially for Ushioni Ganesha, and it was only be exclusive at TTE.





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