Raise Up Your Hands - Bunny Hands Up


BUNNY是幸運和救贖的象徵,在你最絕望和迷失的時候,會以你最熟悉的樣貌出現,帶你逃離。在Vivian創作的繪本《ANNA》中,BUNNY是主角改造的玩偶之一,也是沒自信的主角本用來掩飾自己的面具,時常帶著的兔子頭套示人。殊不知其實BUNNY是在另一個平行宇宙中真實存在的兔子,為了一項秘密任務,穿梭鏡中來到主角身邊,隱藏極大秘密的他究竟為何而來,日後將慢慢揭曉!TOY0+這次與台灣美女設計師Vivian Wang合作,將其原創的兔子角色BUNNY帶到我們的「Raise Up Your Hands(R.U.Y.H.)」系列!可愛的兔子Bunny身上塗上漸變的粉橙色和檸檬藍色,舉高雙手帶你進入Vivian Wang的幻彩世界。

BUNNY can be described as luck and redemption. During the times when you feel desperate, it will appear and escape with you. In Vivian’s picture book called “ANNA”, BUNNY is the main character’s favorite doll and had been reformed to be a bunny head mask to cover up his in-confidence. And actually, BUNNY is a real existing rabbit from another parallel universe. For a secret mission, it came to the protagonist through a mirror. Its secret will be revealed one after the other!


Raise Up Your Hands - Bunny Hands Up
+Artist: Vivian Wang


🌟Product Information🌟

Raise Up Your Hands - Bunny Hands Up
+Artist: Vivian Wang

Size: 6CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$900
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

Pink OrangePink Orange
Blue LemonadeBlue Lemonade
Artist: Vivian Wang
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Pink orange, Blue lemonade

About the Artist



Being fond of the effects from colliding colors together, the founder of Vivian Wang Studio, Vivian, has stepped into the world of arts and her style of combining asymmetrical elements and vivid color is well-known that she has been invited to custom-made and paint many designers’ toys and figures in recent years.

Playing between colors, Vivian creates atmosphere embellished with fantasy and dreams. Through her artworks, Vivian is encouraging everyone to step out their comfort zones and she is bringing you to the imaginary world that is full of joy and of course, colors.

Vivian has participated in many exhibitions, such as "ANNAS Mirror”, “Wrong Gallery ACTION!!!”, “Lost In Obsession Custom Show”, etc. At the end of 2017, she also released her first picture book called “ANNA” and it was where the popular character, BUNNY, born.

因為喜歡色彩碰撞帶來的效果,Vivian Wang Studio的創辦人,Vivian,一頭栽進創作的世界中,以不對稱的元素和鮮豔的色彩 風格廣為人知,近幾年客製及塗裝了許多設計師的玩具作品。


Vivian亦在國內參與過許多展覽;《ANNAS Mirror》、《Wrong Gallery ACTION!!!》、《Lost In Obsession Custom Show》等,在2017年底更推出繪本《ANNA》,有名的角色 — BUNNY就是在這裡誕生。