Jaime & Mimi - The Milk Deliverer




Jaime: “Hey Mimi, where are you…?”

Mimi has been sneaked out in every early morning and work as a Milk Deliverer, by runs through the community and delivering fresh milk & daily news to everyone!

“Jaime & Mimi” has become collectors’ favourite since our launching of the art vinyl collectibles. This time, Yokooong and TOY0+ are presenting a new version of “Jaime & Mimi” whether Mimi is being a Milk Deliverer! Mimi soft vinyl toy is 11.8cm tall with head and hands movable head and hands, with full set of accessories such as a postman bag, a milk bottle and newspapers, and also a very cute “Jamie doll”.



🌟Product Information🌟

Jaime & Mimi - The Milk Deliverer
+Artist: Yokooong

Size: 11.8CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$580
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

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Artist: Yokooong

    About the Artist

    Yoko is a graphic designer graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She loves to observe the trifling matters of everyday life. Showing herself through illustrations, Yoko believes that drawing can bring happiness to others, at the same time it is a way to express any emotions.

    Yoko liked to concurrently draw and watch cartoon when she was three. At that time, she discovered her interests and talent in arts. Graduating from secondary school, Yoko took a two-year design and illustration course at a local training centre and that was when she determined to begin her journey as a Hong Kong graphic designer.

    Jaime and Mimi are characters created by Yoko. Jaime is a little boy’s prototype living in Yoko’s heart. The blue-haired boy explores the world with a pure heart, and he treats everything with love and care, no matter what has happened. Jaime’s friend, Mimi, is a white dog and they stay along each other all the time. Growing up together, Mimi has a full understanding of Jaime and it can sense every of his signals or gestures.

    Yoko loves handcrafts and she participates in DesignMart (organized by Hong Kong Design Centre) every year, selling her handmade decorations, groceries and artworks.



    詹米Jaime 與 米米Mimi 是Yoko創造的角色 ; 詹米是住在Yoko心中的小男孩原型,藍色頭髮的他總是持單純的心去看世界,並對身邊事物抱有細膩的感受。無論遇到怎樣的事情,他都選擇以愛心去面對。白色小狗米米是詹米的好朋友,無論到甚麼地方,他們總是待在一起。他們自小一起長大,所以無論是詹米的一個眼色或動作,米米都十分理解。