Concrete Daruma Online Lottery

The crossover of Demon Craft(Scotty Wang) and ThomasToyFactory, has brought out the first “Concrete Texture” of Demon Craft! Handmade by ThomasToyFactory, it injects with real cement material, with sanding and custom aging effects, which contains a certain weight. Each “Demon Craft.Concrete Daruma” got different variation and effects with white cement, gray cement or moss texture.

Limited to 10/pcs, Demon Craft.Concrete Daruma were available through ONLINE LOTTERY. Congratulations to the 10 successful applicants!

Demon Craft.Concrete Daruma
* Price: HKD580/TWD2,250[PC]
* Limited to 10/pcs for online registration


由匠鬼作者Scotty Wang聯乘ThomasToyFactory,將匠鬼達磨打造為“水泥達磨”!由ThomasToyFactory全人手製作,「匠鬼。水泥達磨」以注入真水泥材質,並加以後期的打磨及舊化效果,每款均有一定重量。「匠鬼。水泥達磨」有白水泥,灰水泥或青苔質感,每款有不同特果。


* 售價: HKD580/TWD2,250[隻]
* 抽選數目: 10隻

Here comes the lottery result of the 10 limited “Demon Craft.Concrete Daruma” designed by Scotty Wang and ThomasToyFactory! 由匠鬼作者Scotty Wang聯乘ThomasToyFactor製作,限量10隻的「匠鬼.水泥達磨」已有網上抽選的中籤結果!A notification email will be sent to successful applicants. Please reply and pay on 6th February or before, or else we will consider you giving up the opportunity. Remember to check if the email is automatically filtered or transferred to the junk box.中籤者會收到由我們發放的中籤電郵通知,請在2月6日或之前按指示回覆電郵並完成付款,逾期將被視為作廢,也請留意電郵有否被過濾或傳致垃圾郵箱。Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your support!如有問題,歡迎查詢,謝謝大家的支持!

Toyzeroplusさんの投稿 2018年2月2日(金)


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