Demon Craft Solo Show

This summer, Scotty Wang is going to bring everyone to his “Demon World” …a story when the Demon Craft BEGINS! TOY0+ is pleased to work with +Artist Scotty, and finally give our fans the SOLO SHOW of Demon Craft in Hong Kong!

The first time ever, Scotty will take us to his journey of Demon Craft creation, by exhibiting numbers of his private art-pieces and story background, there are also collaboration with more than 25 designers of ONE-OFF Sofubi and EXCLUSIVE items available during the show.


“DEMON CRAFT SOLO SHOW” will be held from 9th-15th at Vintage Vinyl Club. Come with us to feel the Power of “Demon”, see you on 9th June (SAT)!

Date: 9th – 15th June 2018
Venue: Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場
VIP Section: 6 – 9:30PM (8th June)
**LOTTERY Section of “Demon Craft The Destroyer” will be at 3PM(9th June), lottery tags will be given at 12PM**


今年夏天,Scotty Wang將帶領我們走向惡魔世界,見証「匠鬼」入魔之路。。。TOY0+很高興與Scotty長期合作,終於帶給香港粉絲首個屬於匠鬼的個人展覽 – 「匠鬼之怒」!


「匠鬼之怒」匠鬼個人展,將於6月9至15日在Vintage Vinyl Club舉行,齊來和我們一同感受匠鬼的「魔」力!


「匠鬼之怒」 – 匠鬼個人展覽
展覽日期: 6月9-15日
展覽地點: Vintage Vinyl Club 膠易廣場
VIP時段: 6 – 9:30PM(6月8日)

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