Dog Together - Baby Dou Dou (Bunny)


It is spring again, the earth is like a child that knows poems by heart🌿.
Dou Dou🐇, this big surprise officially joined the bunnies with easter egg hunt action🥚🧺
The first ever flocking technique on Dou Dou makes us convinced that... #BabyDouDouBunny is the cutest in the world😍

Dog Together🐇Baby Dou Dou - Bunny🐇
+Artist: Dog Together Studio
Price: HKD290
Material: Soft vinyl
Size: ~9CM height
Packaging: Hanging Header Packaging

*Maximum purchasing 2pcs for each customer
*Prototype shown. The final product might be slightly different.
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.

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    About the Artist


    A Taiwan studio that mainly uses animals as their artwork and product ideas. Showing happiness and comfort on their products, Dog Together Studio hopes to create something that makes people feel warm and blessed. Their art pieces include graphic illustrations, 3D decorations and plastic toys.
    Dog Together Studio 是一個以動物題材為出發點創作的工作室,主要以溫馨療癒的方式表現在產品上,希望創造出來 的產品能夠讓人感到溫暖,可以讓人會心一笑,創作產品有平面插畫也有立體公仔擺飾目前也正在進行塑膠玩具製作 ,敬請拭目以待。