Raise Up Your Hands - Baby Shark (Blind Box Series)


TOYZEROPLUS品牌成立以來,透過與藝術家合作,製作多款收藏級玩具作品,亦致力推廣設計師玩具文化。今天,我們隆重推出全新系列 - Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H)🙌🏻。R.U.Y.H概念沿自一個「舉起雙手」的動作,帶有開心正面、舒解壓力等訊息,每當遇到煩惱時,希望大家都能一起將雙手舉起,發放正能量!

R.U.Y.H系列將會聯乘多位設計師/插畫家,一起”Raise Up Your Hands”!而第一彈很高興邀請到以製作鯊魚小子角色 - ”小鯊童”為名的台灣設計師「毛毛二 (Momoco Studio)」,並為大家帶來迷你又可愛治癒的”小鯊丸 (Baby Shark)”。R.U.Y.H小鯊丸系列共有4款顏色,並追加了一款夜光的隱藏版本,將以盲盒隨機形式發售。

TOYZEROPLUS has been collaborated with number of artists to produced high-quality collectibles toy and promotes designer toy culture. And Today, we are excited to announce a brand new series - Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H)🙌🏻. The concept refers to “raising up your hands”, we intend to deliver happiness and decompress as positive energy to everyone!

The R.U.Y.H series will be collaborate with different designers/illustrators, TOY0+ is pleased to invite Taiwanese designer "Momoco Studio(毛毛二)" and brings you his a mini and cute "Baby Stark" as the first series.The R.U.Y.H Baby Shark series included 4 colours ways, with a “G.I.T.D” Version as the hidden edition in each random pack.


Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H) - 小鯊丸
+Artist:Momoco Studio(毛毛二)


🌟Product Information🌟

Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H) - Baby Shark
+Artist: Momoco Studio

Size: 6.5CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$1200
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS