Exclusive Versions for Nu-De Toy Salon

TOY0+ had prepared some exclusive versions for the Nu-De Toy Salon in December. Let’s have a look!

為迎接十二月舉行的Nu-De Toy Salon,TOY0+預備了多款特別版本的產品於現場發售,一起來看看吧!


Demon Craft, Demon Craft.Fruit Darum and Ushioni Samurai by Scotty Wang

匠鬼,匠鬼.水果達磨 and 牛鬼武者 by Scotty Wang


Demon Craft Z – 15.5cm tall in total, includes individual certificate with numbering

匠鬼.Z – 全高15.5厘米,每隻附有獨立編號證書,將會以先到先得形式發售。


Feudal Lord Demon Craft – A special customer collaborated with Obsessed Panda. Each one includes special weapon accessories and individual certificate. Limited to 10PCS available in lottery draw.

匠鬼.領主 – 是由外國artist “Obsessed Panda (OPCUSTOMS)”聯乘Scotty Wang製作的特別版,每隻均附有武器及獨立編號證書,將以抽買形式發售,一共限量10隻.


Introducing “Sam Kwok” as one of the well known one-sixth collectible figure custom artist in Hong Kong, TOY0+ is happy to bring together the FIRST sofubi project – the ONLY ONE SET of “Demon Craft” designed by Sam Kwok.

這次Nu-De Toy Salon,TOY0+很高興能與本地1/6人偶custom達人”Sam Kwok”合作首個搪膠項目,製作一套「匠鬼」one-off版本,將於明天的Nu-De Toy Salon進行抽選發售。


Takumi Farm produce series of seasonal fruits, extremely sweet and juicy with the special genetic of “Demon Craft Daruma”, It is ideal gift for all occasions.

Demon Craft.Fruit Daruma – included Watermelon / Banana / Peach / Strawberry, together with a exquisite fruit packaging design, this 4 in 1 set was first available for sale at Nu-De Toy Salon.



匠鬼.水果達磨 – 共有4款:西瓜 / 香蕉 / 桃 / 草莓,連同精美水果包裝設計,將以套裝形式於Nu-De Toy Salon會場首次發售。同場亦附有單售版本,供粉絲選購心儀的果物。


Ushioni Samurai arrived……

Ushioni Samurai – The first villain character among the “Demon Craft” storyline was first announced during the Nu-De Toy Salon exclusively. Collaborated by Scotty Wang and TOY0+, Ushioni Samurai has 4 movable arms with a removable mask on its head. The character design is based on the battle between Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai.


牛鬼武士 – 在「匠鬼」的故事當中岀場的反派角色首次於Nu-De Toy Salon和各位粉絲見面。由設計師Scotty Wang聯乘TOY0+傾心打造,牛鬼武士共有4隻可動手臂,移動頭配上可隨意脱下的面罩,可還原故事中與匠鬼打鬥的緊張情節!

放心吧!我會讓你慢慢品嚐死亡的滋味..I will let you feel the DEATH slowly…#nudetoysalon #toyzeroplus #demoncraft #demoncraft #ushioni #ushionisamurai #匠鬼 #牛鬼武士 #scottywtoys #sofubi #designertoy #softvinyltoy #arttoy Toyzeroplus

Scotty.W.Toysさんの投稿 2017年12月6日(水)


During Nu-De Toy Salon in July, TOY0+ had introduced a one-off version of “Demon Craft” collaborated with Mechnoiz Toys. We are glad to invite them again and offered a one-off lottery during Nu-De Toy Salon.

In the first round, fans were given number tags and two of them would be randomly picked. In the second round, the two lucky fans were asked about a short answer question based on Demon Craft story, prepared by Scotty Wang. They could purchase the items after answering the question correctly.

Congratulations to the lucky ones again!

7月舉行的Nu-De Toy Salon, TOY0+推岀了一款與Mechnoiz Toys合作的one-off版本匠鬼。來到Nu-De 2,我們有幸再次邀請Mechnoiz Toys,為匠鬼新角色「牛鬼武士」製作一另款custom版本。

由Mechnoiz Toys聯乘Scotty Wang,推出首度曝光的「牛鬼武士」one-off版本,在Nu-De Toy Salon以抽選形式發售。




Bloofus & Poppy Gold by Mooncasket

This was an ONLY ONE artist edition of “Bloofus & Poppy Gold” available at Nu-De Toy Salon.

這是由Mooncasket和Artist “LOUSY” 合作的一款”Bloofus & Poppy Gold”設計師版本,只有一隻,於Nu-De Toy Salon現場發售。

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