Highlights from 19八3 ATS

Thank you for supporting us at 19八3 ATS, and appreciated the following artists: Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise / Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwang Studio / Kong Andri!

感謝大家在19八3的支持,亦感謝以下參與的設計師,Mooncasket / Rinko’s Paradise/ Scotty Wang (Demon Craft) / Dog Together / Vivianwand Studio / Kong Andri


One-off Rinko’s Painting by Surkrit Jitshob, A3 size as 420 x 297mm, available in first come first served on 5th AUG.

由RINKO作者Surkrit Jitshob親手繪畫的小壁虎RINKO彩畫,尺寸為420 x 297mm,於8月5號開賣,只有一幅先到先得!


One-off Bloofus by Mooncasket X Vivianwang Studio sold via lottery on 5th AUG, which was painted by Vivian with her Mixed-color style, and holding little “Bunny” designed by Vivian.

Mooncasket聯乘Vivianwang Studio制作的小巨人Bloofus,以顏料色彩碰撞的手法,為小巨人Bloofus塗上繽紛色彩,同時抱著由Vivian設計的Bunny,於8月5號現場抽選發售。



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