Little White Dog Mimi joining Jamie (By Yoko) ∴•으•∴

The blue-haired boy Jaime, grew up with his little white dog Mimi, they stay along with each other all the time.

The collaboration of TOY0+ and +Artist Yoko, will be introducing the first Jaime + Mimi soft vinyl collectible set. As a fan of Jaime and Mimi, don’t miss out the chance to take them home!

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而TOY0+和+Artist Yoko製作的詹米搪膠公仔,當然也不少得他的好朋友米米陪伴左右,詹米與米米設計師玩具將以精緻套裝一同出售,好讓粉絲們帶齊兩位可愛的朋友周圍去!


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