Mom Ushioni and her Son Demon Craft!

The naughty Demon Craft fell on the ground and got hurt on his knees that made him cried. Mom Ushioni reassured him gently and this seemed gradually reducing his pain. Mother is really the best in the world and she treats us with a lot of love.

However, if you make Mom Ushioni angry, she would turn into a devil and become your most scary nightmare in life. Therefore, to all Demon Craft children, remember not to let your mom down, do behave well and this is the way to save your life!

Check out our ONE-OFF Mother’s Day Version of Ushioni X Demon Craft with FUNK TOY 放克玩具 and wish every mama a Happy Mother’s Day!




來看看我們跟 FUNK TOY 放克玩具 推出的 ONE-OFF 母親節版牛鬼 X 匠鬼。祝天下媽媽母親節快樂!

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