Online Lottery -Ushioni Samura.Origin Story Edition

Dear Demon Craft fans, we are excited to bring you the villain character in the Demon Craft Storyline, and Scotty Wang is introducing the “Ushioni Samura.Origin Story Edition”.

Based on the original colour from the Demon Craft story, Ushioni Samurai has 4 movable arms and palms, with a red removable mask on its head. The character design is based on the battle between Demon Craft and Ushioni Samurai.

Limited to 10/pcs worldwide, Ushioni Samura.Origin Story Edition was available through ONLINE LOTTERY and the list of successful applicants were selected/drawn randomly via the computer system.

Congratulations to the lucky ones!

喜歡「匠鬼」故事的粉絲,相信一直期待著反派角色「牛鬼武士」來臨,設計師Scotty Wang為大家傾心打造以故事內原有配色設定的「元祖.牛鬼武士」。





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