TOYZEROPLUS is a toy branding company established in 2014, it is formed by professionals from different aspects that integrated with 3D print technology and toy production. We assist with artists and design affairs, to transform their creative works into designer toys, create new experience with toys for toy lovers.


Creation needs to go through lots of experiments and failures before heading to success, which could defined as a Formula - Converting numerical digits from 0 to 1, and during this process, we always need a "PLUS (+)" in between. TOYZEROPLUS would like to help artists start from ZERO, by adding our PLUS, turn up with a valuable outcome.


In the same year, TOYZEROPLUS had introduced "+Customize" series. We provide the world's first tailor-made service for life-like head sculpt in 1/6th or any other specific scales, based on 3D scan & print technology.


In October 2015, TOYZEROPLUS introduced a brand new concept called “+Artist” series. We created this online platform, which allows artists and toy lovers linked-up together. Through this creative community, artists can share their works, in the meanwhile, toy lovers can discover awesome toy designs.