BRAINRENTAL(大腦岀租)於2012年創立並由Kevin, Roger以及Chu,3位充滿創意的年輕人組成。創作靈感來自現代都市生活中的荒誕,以及人類與科技間微妙的關係,Brainrental將這些觀念融入到他們的設計和創作中。於香港理工大學修讀工業及產品設計,三人均熱衷於插畫設計,從二維插圖到三維物體,通過幽默和諷刺來反映自己的想法,希望燃起好奇心、點燃心靈。


Brainrental, was founded in 2012 by a group of 3 talents Kevin, Roger & Chu. Inspired by the absurdities in modern metropolitan life, Brainrental transfuse these perceptions into their experiments and creations. Once majors in Industrial and Product Design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, all 3 individuals are passionate about illustration and design, from two-dimensional illustrations to three-dimensional objects, they substantiate their thoughts through humor and irony, hoping to fuel curiosity and ignite minds.

Brainrental's creations include illustration, mural, lifestyle product and illustrative objects. Their protental clients included Hermes, Nike, Lane Crawford, HMV, Converse, etc.


TOY0+Tell us more about the "High Tech Low Life" concept related to your artworks/illustration.
可否介紹一下你們作品/插圖與High Tech Low Life”有關的概念。

BrainrentalThroughout our works we have been consistently looking into how we live our life in this absurd modern world, "High Tech Low Life" would perfectly sum up the status quo.
在我們的作品中,我們一直在研究我們如何在這個荒謬的現代世界中生活,“High Tech Low Life”將完美地總結現狀。

TOY0+Do you guys collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

BrainrentalWe are not huge toy collectors but when we see cool stuff in any kind we would buy them.

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a vinyl toy means to you?

BrainrentalVinyl toy is an object that makes you happy.

TOY0+By creating the first Brainrental vinyl collectible toy - Brian, we could see this character did exist from some of your illustration, can you tell us more about Brian itself? Fans would happy to know more.
通過制作首個Brainrental的設計師收藏玩具 - Brian,我們可以看到這個角色確實經常岀現於你們一些插圖作品中,你能告訴我們更多關於Brian的背景嗎?粉絲會想知道更多。

BrainrentalBrian is one of our favourite creation, he appears in a lot of our work and if you look close enough you will realise that it is actually a character developed from our logo. We believed that observation shapes our behavior, Brian observes the world via the lens of a phone, his action is determined by the data retrieved from the network, it is a character that reflects everyone of us.

TOY0+What is your impression of bringing "Brian" into a vinyl collectible toy with TOYZEROPLUS.
請告訴我們更多關於將“Brainrental - Brian”帶入TOYZEROPLUS的設計師玩具的想法/印象。

BrainrentalTransforming Brian from 2D to 3D is a very tough and long process, we are grateful that we are working closely with a group of passionate toy makers to make this happen.

TOY0+Use one sentence to introduce this Brainrental's first vinyl collectible Toy to your fans/toy collector.

Brainrental“High Quality, Low Price” “Something you don’t have to rent, you own it”