Hong Kong based artist KamanWilliam, is a graphic designer and video game illustrator, his works has been drew a lot of intension and positive feedbacks. In 2015, William and TOYZEROPLUS have been co-launched the first vinyl toy "Newvman Awaker", and Zombie Kitty will be 100% refer to William's original artworks, as realistic form of vinyl collectible to present to everyone!

KamanWilliam是香港的平面設計師及電腦遊戲插畫師,其充滿個性的插畫均得到好評及回響。2015年,William與TOYZEROPLUS已合作推出首個搪膠玩具Newvman Awaker,這次第二彈Zombie Kitty將會100%還原William的畫作,以像真實體呈現給大家!


TOY0+In 2015, we had introduced our new series "+Artist" and you have been invited to become our first collaborate artist. By launching "NEWVMAN AWAKER" as the first vinyl toy, can you share with us your feeling at that time?

WILLIAMWhen I have told that my work could become a vinyl toy, I was really excited, as I knew this process takes a lot of time, it is also a challenge that the production needs to follow all the textures from my original work, and time consuming on QC, but TOY0+ helps me solve the above issues.

TOY0+After "Newvman Awaker", we will be releasing your second created character - Zombie Kitty. Can you tell us the concept behind the creation of Zombie Kitty?
續「腦星人」後即將推岀的第二彈Zombie Kitty,可否和大家分享這個角色的創作概念?

WILLIAMI used to work in 3D animation, one of the character that I deeply felt it doesn't have a soul, that why I created her became Zombie Kitty.

Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

I love to collect Capsule Toy.

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

WILLIAMToy is an element that can heal human's soul, and toy design almost like a treatment that to heal everyone's soul. To my opinion, my toys are like toxic that you can't be immune.

TOY0+What is your impression of bringing your created characters into vinyl collectible toys with TOYZEROPLUS.

WILLIAMMost of my works are created in the 3D world, to be able to present them into realistic vinyl toys, I am really interested to make it happen!