Receiving a tin Staedtler set from father at the age of five, Kungchinchin discovered her interests in painting. Nowadays, Kungchinchin is a pet product shop’s founder, a lecturer in Illustrations and Comics at School of Consulting and Professional Studies - The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS) and a freelance artist. Her drawings are inspired from everyday life, which these illustrations bridge the gap between the artist and the readers by blending characters, space and succinct messages subtly.

“Rainie & Friends” is a character series created by Kungchinchin. It has been appearing in books and magazines, various exhibitions and mall events in the recent years. For example, Bologna Children Book Fair (Italy) 2015, Interzoo - Nuremberg German 2014, HK Gifts & Premium Fair 2010-2014, [email protected] Exhibition, and other brand collaborations like Mioggi and Non-Profit making Veterinary Services Society.


「Rainie & Friends」是工千芊一手創作的角色系列,偶有出版為書本和雜誌,近年更活躍於多項展覽、比賽及商場活動;如有Bologna Children Book Fair (意大利) 2015、Interzoo - Nuremberg German 2013、香港禮品展 2010 - 2014、PopCorn 商場 @TKO-Artland Exhibition,以及Mioggi和 NPV 非牟利獸醫服務協會等的品牌合作。


TOY0+Please share with us the ideas of your created character, Rainie. There seems to have many positive messages behind your artworks.

KUNGCHINCHINAlthough Rainie (Rainie & Friends) often shows a smile on her face, it is always gray to rain in her eyes, as long as wearing a red raincoat she could feel the sense of confidence. Actually, all her happiness mainly come from people and things surrounding her. Like us, Rainie is susceptible to emotional influences and sometimes she is lack of contact with the surrounding environment. In fact, it is not difficult to see the sunshine and hopes when your are brave to open your heart.
儘管Rainie (小红雨) 面上常帶微笑,在她眼裡總是灰矇矇要下雨,只要穿上雨衣就能讓自己感到信心和安全感;其實,讓Rainie稱心的何止是紅雨衣?圍繞著她身邊的人和事,才是她快樂的泉源。跟我們一樣,Rainie容易受情緒影響,對周遭環境缺乏聯系。其實,只要敞開心扉便會見陽光。

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

KUNGCHINCHINI love designer toys that are adorable and playful, and I like to placed them in cabinets for display. By changing their display positions, it becomes one of the best weekend’s activity for myself.

TOY0+From the first collaboration of Kungchinchin & TOY0+ - “Rainie and Friends - A Salute to Our Heroes” resin toy series, Rainie has become an astronaut and a pilot. Can you share with us the inspiration behind the theme? Why does it related to “a salute” to people from different career fields? And why you decided to choose an astronaut and a pilot this time?
今次你跟我們TOY0+合作推出了「Rainie and Friends - A Salute to Our Heroes」樹脂公仔系列,更把Rainie化身為太空人和飛機師。可否解釋一下背後的設計想法? 為什麼會想到是向不同行業的人致敬? 而選擇太空人和飛機師背後的原因又是什麼?

KUNGCHINCHIN“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I supposed everyone has been asked as we all have expectations and dreams for the future. While growing up, we started to realize that not all our wishes could be happen, and this often makes us regretful. When I was young, I loved to act as an astronaut and a pilot. I put a wash basin on my head as a helmet and used racks to pretend as a steering wheel. By wearing my mom’s sunglasses, I started to “drive” and “begin my journey”. I am very honored to design and produce my art toy collection with TOY0+. This is to pay a tribute to all my childhood dreams, since it brought me a lot of happiness and hopes.
「你長大後想做什麼?」孩童時,我們對未來充滿期待和夢想;長大了,卻發覺未能如願以償,難免有些遺憾。洗碗盆作頭盔、衣架作軚盤、還有媽媽的特大太陽鏡…哈,扮演太空人和飛機師,是我兒時的玩兒。今次榮幸能跟TOYO+合作,設計了這系列 - 「Rainie and Friends - A Salute to Our Heroes」,特意向「童年的夢想- 致敬」, 因為它曾帶給我,久違的快樂和期盼。

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

KUNGCHINCHINI had become a toy designer before and I think toy design focus on inspiring children’s development and interaction. By swapping the words “designer” and “toy”, the meaning is completely different. A designer toy has a strong personal style, ornamental nature and it is suitable to be artwork collection while it contains designer’s ideas and messages behind.
之前曾經當過玩具設計師,很著重啟發兒童的發展和互動性;唔…如果對調「設計師」和「玩具」的字眼,意思就完全不同了,設計師玩具- 有著強烈的個人風格, 屬觀賞性質,適合收藏,像藝術品一樣,作品蘊含設計師的意念和訊息。

TOY0+“Rainie and Friends” has been produced on many products such as books, stationery, cosmetics and even home appliances. Also, it has been appearing in many exhibitions and mall events. In your opinion, what are the differences, interesting outcome or ideas while bringing Rainie into a 3-dimensional resin collectible toy?

KUNGCHINCHINAccording to my experiences, people who like Rainie can be divided into two categories. Some of them get in touch with Rainie’s illustration series before knowing of Rainie 'a related products. The others are attracted by Rainie's products first and begin to find out the background stories. Among them, there are people who are interested by Rainie’s huge glass fiber sculpture during my installation in malls. Moreover, Rainie collectible figure drew their attention which can cheer up friends or place it in the office.

TOY0+And after this collaboration with TOY0+, would you like to add more characters into the resin toy collection of “Rainie and Friends - A Salute to Our Heroes”? And why?
經過這次合作,你會否想為「Rainie and Friends - A Salute to Our Heroes」樹脂公仔系列增添更多角色?為什麼?

KUNGCHINCHINHaha.. I am still considering about it. As many of my friends told me about their childhood dream careers and hoping to give a salute as well...