Miloza Ma, is an illustrator and character designer, Miloza never confines herself to two-dimensional art but also devotes herself to figure making by turn her illustrated characters into physical reality. She often finds inspirations from her two obsessions – the Universe and New Age Theology – to conjure up new images and new concepts.

Miloza established her own brand, Brain Child, in 2010. Her mini-exhibition in 2013 marked the beginning of her full-time devotion to artistic creation. Miloza’s three-dimensional works received awards at Hong Kong Figure Design Competition twice and were featured at Taipei Toy Festival for a number of times. Named as “one of the ten promising artists” by East Touch in 2015, she contributed a comic strip to the magazine’s sequential collaborative comics feature. She also collaborated with Open Quote for the comics and exhibition project H-Y-P-H-E-N. Besides, Miloza was one of the featured illustrators of AAD Outstanding Illustration Artists in Asia 2016, which was published in Taiwan.

米路沙(Miloza Ma),是位多元化創作人,現為插畫師及角色設計師,也專注將插畫及角色設計塑造成立體人偶。米路沙對宇宙及新時代學說十分着迷,常從中獲得新的形態和概念靈感。

2010年成立個人品牌Brain Child。13年舉辦了一個小型的畫展後,便全身投入個人創作。立體作品於《香港原創動漫人型設計比賽》兩度獲獎,亦曾多次在《台北玩具創作大展》展出。15年獲《東TOUCH》選為「2015年十大新力軍」之一,漫畫作品發表於雜誌的〈怒插接龍記〉。她亦與Open Quote為漫畫及展覽項目《H-Y-P-H-E-N》合作。此外,她是台灣《AAD 2016亞洲傑出插畫精選》插畫師之一。


TOY0+We noticed that 2 coming vinyl Toy White Lady & Ribbon Lady related to your solo exhitbition "The Fairy Twins", can you tell us more about these 2 characters?

Miloza MaThis might refer to the fairy tale stories, you really want to know? And actually I'm the one who believes in fairy tale stories. These 2 character were created in 2015 which I had collaboration with Open Price to publish a Zine. This Zine's title is based on "Alice in Wonderland", since then I started to fell in love with the fairy tale girls.
要說她們的由來可能要從童話故事說起,你真的想聽嗎?而我就是一個相信童畫的大小孩。如果硬說她們的由來應該是從2015年與Open Quote 合作的一本Zine開始。這本Zine的創刊題目正是"愛麗絲夢遊仙境",從此我就愛上畫童話女孩!!

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

Miloza MaI often collect some unique toys, like designer brand toys, I think their toys given me inspiration, and I also can feel their souls from the designer toys.

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

Miloza MaAs a designer point of view, I specially love unique and artistic toys, even with an interesting expression will cause public curiosity! And designer toys are always fresh to us with cultural interaction!

TOY0+Last year you had introduced a Limited Edition of "Ribbon Lady" statue at TTF, what is the differences of using polystone & soft vinyl to apply to your character?
去年你於「台北國際玩具創作大展」推岀了一款Ribbon Lady的雕塑擺設,與搪膠比較,你覺得不同物料應用在你的角色產品上有什麼分別?

Miloza MaI love both version! For the polystone version from last year, as using resin as the material plus hand painting application, it is a precious collectible. While the soft vinyl toys can attract more toy lovers because of its lightweight, which is portable for outdoor shooting!

TOY0+What is your impression of bringing "White & Ribbon Lady" into a vinyl collectible toy with TOY0+.
請告訴我們更多關於將「Ribbon Lady & White Lady」帶入TOY0+的設計師玩具的想法/印象。

Miloza MaThere are lots of ideas during the collaborative with TOY0+, and also think of bringing different characters into toys. imagined design a variety of girls! I really love these 2 fairy tale stories, and wanna use my own style to present it, based on the ladies and the story behind. If you guys are really love these 2 characters, I'm hoping to draw more illustration about them!

TOY0+And after this collaboration with TOYZEROPLUS, would you like to bring other created characters into soft vinyl toy collection? And why?

Miloza MaThis is a good start, I never think of producing my own products, while I just told my ideas out, and TOY0+ just make it happen! I wasn't confident of release my own products, but through this collaboration with TOY0+, I will try to think of more different possibilities and characters!