Sing Sing Rabbit is a masked singer who wears a very big rabbit head. She loves to sing and compse songs. With her mysterious identity, impressive appearance and amiable feeling, she has attracted a bundle of fans from different age groups. Moreover, Sing Sing Rabbit spreads positive messages through a variety of ways, bringing the new generation a different kind of light.

In 2011, she created a song named made her rocks on YouTube, immediately drawn intension by Taiwanese media such as CTITV, Next Media, Apple Daily News, etc. In 2013, SSR became contracted artist under HoriPro(Japan Big 3 artiste management company), and released her first debut Japanese song through HoriPro official channel. In 2014, SSR successfully used a weather balloon to send her 3D figure and Japanese cover song to near space and became the first singer in the world to shoot near space music video. Apart from singing career, SSR also released lots of product of her iconic cartoon graphics.

Sing Sing Rabbit(星星兔)是一位喜歡唱歌和創作,頂著大大兔子頭的卡通歌手。憑著從不露面的神秘感、獨特的外形和和藹可親的感覺,岀道至今她都吸納了不同年齡層的擁躉,Sing Sing Rabbit更以歌聲及勇於創新的態度,傳達正面訊息,發放正能量。

Sing Sing Rabbit在2011年以兔子形象岀道,因把一隻串燒歌曲上載至YouTube,迅即在網上竄紅並被多家台灣媒體如中天電視、壹傳媒、蘋果動新聞等追訪。2013年正式簽約成為綾瀬遙師妹,HoriPro於官方頻道為她發放自家作品 《天空橋》初試啼聲。2014年,星星兔團隊利用天文氣球將星星兔3D figure及歌曲發送至太空邊緣並成功拍攝片段放進自己的music video內,成為全球首位歌手作此創舉。星星兔除了專注音樂創作外,其卡通形象更製作成多款周邊產品,於香港多個實體店發售。


TOY0+As we know when Sing Sing Rabbit made her debut in 2011, she was wearing a big head rabbit mask which is made by a lamp shade, could you tell us more about this idea? And what kind of messages you wanna spread through your special identity?

SINGSING RABBITAt that time I had created a song called "One Song Ten Sings", and hope that people can focus on my music, so I decided not to show up my face by wear a big rabbit head mask designed by my friend. The song had received good feedbacks and drawn intention from the media and they started to searching for my real identity, which instead I wanted to keep my mysterious face as secret and continue with my creation and music career. The concept of SSR related to a lamp shade, it presents dream, brave & positive energy, since I had became Sing Sing Rabbit, I hope that this approach can encourage people to fight for their own dreams.
那時候發表了一首歌叫「一歌十唱」,當時希望大家能更投入和集中在音樂上,沒有揭開真面目,而一位設計師朋友為我製作了這個大大的兔子頭。結果歌曲成了當年Yahoo和YouTube的熱門搜尋,網友及媒體爭相報導想知道我的面貌長怎樣,這反而讓我想繼續用這獨特和神秘的形象分享創作和音樂。星星兔恰巧是以燈罩造成的,代表燃亮夢想、勇敢、正面,從此我便成為了星星兔 Sing Sing Rabbit,希望透過我們的音樂、創作、產品及企劃,鼓勵人們勇敢發夢,做喜歡的事情。

TOY0+Comparing with other artists/singers, we could find so many SSR products in the pop-up stores, Apart from your singing career, why would you focus on your cartoon characters into variety of products?

SINGSING RABBITWhen I released the first EP , we had invited by a Swedish headset brand to launch a crossover limited headphones. Through this collaboration, I decided to develop SSR products for my fans. Although we didn't have any sale channels but began to production, however we negotiated with the well-known retailer Log-On and hit the store shelves, we had also get in touch with other retailers. Then I realized that my products can linked with the community to know my music, creativity and spirit, to break the old style boundary of focusing music channel or regional limitations.
最初把星星兔商品化的原因是因為在發表第一張EP 時,我們得到了瑞典耳機品牌邀請聯乘推出限量耳機。我便在思考,不如自己也做一些產品去回饋樂迷。當時未想好銷售渠道便開始生產貨品,怎料最後跟知名零售商Log-On洽談成功讓星星兔品牌進駐,其他商店也陸續的接洽,讓我非常興奮。其後我明白到形象商品化後,能打通更多渠道人認識我的音樂、創作及精神,打破以往一貫只能在音樂渠道上或地區局限的創作規範。

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

SINGSING RABBITSame as other girls, I got several Barbie dolls when I was a child, but didn't collect toys afterward. I only got 2 dolls at home now - Monchichi and small cream, which are given by my friends. I always feel that toys are related to boys' stuff, until I became a Sing Sing Rabbit, I feel like I'm into toys again and willing to make my own SSR toy figure.
小時候跟其他女孩子一樣,都有幾個Barbie公仔,但長大後自己倒沒有特別去收集玩具,家裡只有朋友送的2隻玩具公仔,Monchichi和小忌廉。可能總覺得玩具是男生喜歡的玩意,很少會特別去了解吧!直至當我成為了Sing Sing Rabbit 後,就一直很想製作一隻Sing Sing Rabbit的玩具figure,再一次掀起我對玩具的興趣。

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

SINGSING RABBITI think the toy culture covers a range of categories, from animation characters to designer toys, which is more related to boys' interests, toy culture is about creation of assembled animation, games or movies. I think the designer toy is relatively unique and more personal, it might just be a simple design and imagination, and transform into an unique collectible toy.
我覺得玩具文化包羅萬有,可愛卡通、機戒戰士、動漫人物、超合金、設計師玩具,大部份比較著重於偏向男生的喜好,玩具文化就是集結了我們喜歡的動漫、遊戲或電影而洐生的創作和創意。我覺得設計師玩具相對來說是比較獨特和個人化,可能只是單純一個設計及想像,都可以成為一個不錯的collectible toy。

TOY0+What is your impression of bringing your created cartoon character into vinyl collectible toys with TOY0+.

SINGSING RABBITI'm really excited by bringing my own cartoon characters into the TOY0+ designer toys project, from 2D into 3D, and turned to a solid outcome, it's a dream come true! Thanks TOY0+ and our character designer Tim Hui to bring the first Sing Sing Rabbit figure to the world. This collectible is specifically design that the Rabbit Mask can be taken out from the figure, we had study quite a while with TOY0+ to make this happen, and with their professional technology and experience, SSR figure can finally produced!
能夠把自己的卡通角色帶入TOY0+的設計師玩具是超級興奮,由2D變成3D,再變成能捧於手上的實物,是一個夢想成真!感謝TOY0+及我們角色設計師Tim Hui把第一個星星兔figure帶到世界上。我們這次為著要讓星星兔能成為一個可以像真實般把頭套可隨意帶上及除下的玩具,跟TOY0+團隊也很認真的研究可以怎樣做,最後憑著他們的技術和經驗成功製作出來,真的感謝大家!

TOY0+We will be able to see the first prototype of Sing Sing Rabbit soft vinyl figure displayed at the upcoming ACGHK2017, have you prepare any plans or will you be there during the show and meet your fans?

SINGSING RABBITI will be attending the first day of ACGHK and doing a live show to introduce this Sing Sing Rabbit figure, fans can join us there and preorder my first soft vinyl figure!


全球首隻可帶大兔頭的星星兔手辦公仔出世囉!全球限量發售300隻,先到先得。於動漫展預訂仲可獲贈精美禮品一份(數量有限,送完即止)。動漫展日期:7月28至8月1日展示攤位:E09(i-smart), F14-15, 18 (Seven)詳情請向 Toyzeroplus i-Smart International Ltd SEVEN 店員或Facebook查詢。

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