The Flabjacks, is a creature based on a popular fruit in Southeast Asia, regarded by many people called it “king of fruits” – Durian. DUG THE DURIAN is created by Ton Mak, and DUG is a kind hearted, soft and delicate durian with permanently funky smell.

FLABJACKS represent a series of chubby and friendly creatures in an imaginary wonderland. They have moles on their faces, fat lips, and a deliciously curvaceous body. Flabjacks cover an extensive spectrum of work including illustrations, creative concepts, product designs and installation art. To date, the collective has collaborated with global brands such as Gucci, Grana, Vans, Adidas and Nike.

FLABJACKS概念沿自是一種東南亞受歡迎的水果,被許多人稱為“果王” – 榴蓮。 DUG THE DURIAN由Ton Mak創造,而DUG是一種善良的,柔軟細膩的榴蓮,具有永久的時髦氣息。

FLABJACKS代表了一連串的虛構但友善的生物容納在一個幻想的仙境。 他們的臉上有痣,胖胖的嘴唇和一個美味曲折的身體。 Flabjacks涵蓋了廣泛的工作,包括插圖,創意概念,產品設計和裝置藝術。 到現時為止,曾與Gucci,Grana,Vans,Adidas和Nike等全球品牌合作。


TOY0+When creating Flabjacks characters, is there any reasons behind for it's special characteristic?

TONI wanna bring happiness to everyone through these characters, so based on their characteristics, you can see that they all look fatty and with double-chins. Although their shape doesn't looks perfect, but they have kind heart and special stories behind.

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

TONPersonally I'm not a die-hard fan of toys, but I will support artists and their works by collect their toys, like Sticky Monsters is one of the example.
我個人不是熱血的玩具收藏家,但我會通過收集藝術家玩具來他們作品,如“Sticky Monster”就是其中的一個例子。

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

TONI think being an artist, having our own 3D designer toy is one of the most exciting thing as we normally focus on 2D creations. I think designer toy can really bring the connection together with the toy creators & collectors, as both are really passionate on toys, like what I can see in the Toy Expo has created a friendly culture into the industry.

TOY0+Previously you had created characters base on pancake, baguette, broccoli, etc. Why you have decided to create the new one with Durian?

TONThis is really an organic idea when I created this character, I never think of what it need to be but once it born, it seems look like an 100% fresh durian, then it naturally becomes Dug!

TOY0+Tell us more about your ideas/impression of bringing "Dug The Durian" into a designer toy with TOYZEROPLUS.
請告訴我們更多關於將“Dug The Durian”帶入TOYZEROPLUS的設計師玩具的想法/印象。

TONBy turning our created characters into a toy product, not only for me but other artists, this is something really amazing! I think working with TOYZEROPLUS in this toy project runs really smooth, and everything goes well as we expected. I will be looking forward to the next toy project.

TOY0+Fan would like to know more about your exhibition in April, and of coz "Dug The Durian" designer toy will be launch during the show. Will it be the first time to introducing Art toy as one of your accessories in your collection?
想了解更多關於你在4月份的參加的展覽,並會在展會期間推出“Dug The Durian”設計師玩具嗎?。這將是您第一次將設計師玩具作為您收藏的之一嗎?

TONI'm attending Creative Expo Taiwan and will bring along Dug The Durian with me, and introducing my first vinyl collectible toy to my fan.
我正在參加臺灣文博會,並帶著Dug The Durian向我的粉絲介紹這是我的首個設計師玩具。