Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (STS) – Special Editions and Event Highlights

April has been a busy but very fruitful month!

TOY0+ had participated in two international exhibitions in Shanghai (China) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

At the Shanghai Toy Show 2018 (STS), we had launched a great variety of special editions and new products. Let’s have a review of the highlights!


在上海國際潮流玩具展2018 (STS),我們推出了一系列特別版本的產品,一起來重溫一下吧!


1. Jaime & Mimi go to school by Yokooong

(詹米與米米 – 一起上學吧 by Yokooong)

“Let’s go to school with Jaime & Mimi!!!”

The new school year is coming soon, Jaime is well prepared for it while wearing a new school uniform and school bag, and taking Mimi to school together!

Produced by TOY0+ and designed by Yokooong, Jaime and Mimi designer toy set made by soft vinyl. Jaime is 13.9cm tall and with a yellow removable heart accessory on his left chest, and also a school bag accessory. Little dog Mimi is 7cm tall with a new green collar.


由TOY0+生產、+Artist Yokooong設計,為大家帶來「詹米與米米 – 一起上學吧」版本設計師玩具。換上學生服的詹米搪膠公仔全高13.9cm,在胸口的左邊,配有可拆出來的黃色心形配件,而且這次更配上一個書包配件;而好朋友米米小狗公仔高7cm,這次也換上綠色新頸圈,襯托著詹米褲子顏色。


2. The Old Master Q 55th Anniversary Edition – “Demon Craft Daruma.Old Master Q/Big Potato” collectible set by Mr. Joseph Wong Chak and Scotty Wang

(老夫子55週年產品 – 「匠鬼達磨.老夫子/大番薯」by 王澤老師 & Scotty Wang)

The classic cartoon “Old Master Q” has entered the 55th anniversary this year. TOY0+ is happy collaborated with “Milk Sofubi” and create sofubi toys for this well-known character, and introducing the Old Master Q 55th Anniversary Edition – “Demon Craft Daruma.Old Master Q/Big Potato” collectible set.

The collectible set is officially authorized by OMQ Zmedia Ltd., and also first time to crossover with Taiwanese designer Scotty Wang, by adding “Demon Craft” elements into this collaboration. Supervised by Mr. Joseph Wong Chak for the production, which is 100% turned these two classic characters into little cute daruma.

Limited to 55 sets, “Demon Craft Daruma.Old Master Q/Big Potato” was  first released at STS.

陪伴大家成長的經典漫畫「老夫子」今年踏入55週年,TOY0+有幸為這個家傳戶曉的漫畫人物製作搪膠玩具,並列入Milk Sofubi系列,為大家送上老夫子55週年產品 – 「匠鬼達磨.老夫子/大番薯」。

這次合作除得到官方正式授權外,更破天荒與台灣設計師Scotty Wang合作,將「匠鬼」元素注入老夫子角色內。整個製作由王澤老師親自監修,100%將趣怪搞笑的老夫子和大番薯設定,與匠鬼達磨結合,將2位經典人物化身為可愛度超度的小鬼。



3. Galactic Bloofus & Poppy Gold by Mooncasket

(Bloofus & Poppy Gold銀河版本 by Mooncasket)


TOY0+ had recently worked with +Artist Mooncasket and Kentanworks by introducing a “Galaxy” series, which had drawn many attentions from our fans for this collaboration. And guess what, at STS we had made this happen AGAIN!

The limited product for STS – “Galactic Bloofus & Poppy Gold” was designed by +Artist Mooncasket and it was painted into a special “Galactic” colour by Custom Artist “KENTANWORKS”.

TOY0+早前與+Artist Mooncasket和Custom Artist KENTANWORKS合作,推岀過一款以「宇宙」配色為主題的系列產品,深受粉絲追捧。來到STS,我們再次為大家帶來驚喜!由+Artist Mooncasket設計的巨人Bloofus和罌粟花好友Poppy Gold, 由Custom Artist “KENTANWORKS”重新上色,製作全新的銀河配色版本,為STS之限定產品。


4. Bloofus & Baby Rudy by Mooncasket

Introducing our little new friend “Baby Rudy”, who had just followed our lovely giant, Bloofus to join the big party at STS for the first time!
Designed by Mooncasket and produced by TOY0+, Bloofus is 13cm tall and the whole soft vinyl toy set is available in red/blue, with “Baby Rudy” as a separate accessory.

小巨人「Bloofus」非常期待STS來臨,這次更帶著新朋友「Baby Rudy」,首次一起參與這個大派對!

由Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) 設計、TOY0+生產,小巨人Bloofus搪膠公仔全高13cm,有紅/藍兩個版本,附有新朋友Baby Rudy的分拆配件,於STS現場優先發售!


5. Demon Craft/D.C. Daruma.Polished Gold & Matt Black Edition by Scotty Wang

(匠鬼/匠鬼達磨.電鍍版本 by Scotty Wang)

+Artist Scotty Wang had introduced something different to Demon Craft fans, by bringing Demon Craft and Daruma to an collectible art piece standard – “Demon Craft/D.C. Daruma.Polished Gold & Matt Black Edition”.

Designed by Scotty Wang and produced by TOY0+, the first time ever to use resin material and adding plating effect on polished gold / matt black finish, with protective packaging box, which is luxury artwork that Demon Craft fans shouldn’t be missed! “Demon Craft/D.C. Daruma.Polished Gold & Matt Black Edition” was on sale in limited quantity.

(Reminder: This is not a soft vinyl product and might be damaged, suggest for display ONLY)


+Artist Scotty Wang為各「匠鬼」粉絲帶來重量級產品,並將匠鬼和匠鬼達磨提升至藝術收藏級別,為大家呈獻「匠鬼/匠鬼達磨.電鍍版本」。

由Scotty Wang設計、TOY0+生產,我們首次利用樹脂物料打造,並在表面進行電鍍效果,匠鬼和匠鬼達磨提供「亮金」及「啞黑」,並附上包裝盒,極具有收藏價值,並於STS現場以限量發售!



6. Ushioni Samura (Origin Story Edition) by Scotty Wang

(元祖.牛鬼武士 by Scotty Wang)

The “Ushioni Samura (Origin Story Edition)” was available in limited quantity at STS.



It was great to meet fans in China and we hope you like our new products in special editions! Thank you for your support!




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