Bunny King


Bunny King is a rabbit with a pair of starring eyes who always seems to be in a trance. He claims himself as the ‘Lord of the Nature’ even without any talents or special abilities. His signature is the red checkered custom. He can perform supernatural powers with his mysterious scepter. He loves pulling pranks on others, therefore, citizens in bunny kingdom usually avoid him at all cost!
(Bunny King是一隻愛瞪眼發呆的兔仔。沒有天生異稟,卻是自然界的統治者。特徵是身穿紅色格仔泡泡國王衣服及可以使用魔杖隨意控制任何物件或他人。喜歡搗蛋的他常常捉弄別人,兔王國國民不想給他捉弄,看到他紅色格仔泡泡國王衣服也會逃跑呢!)

In celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bunny King, TOY0+ and Dream Capsule are bringing you the first soft vinyl Bunny King collectible toy. Produced by TOY0+, Bunny King soft vinyl toy is 13cm tall, with starry eyes and detail painting according to the original character.
(在慶祝Bunny King十週年之際,TOY0+和Dream Capsule合作,為您帶來首個Bunny珍藏搪膠公仔。 由TOY0+生產,Bunny King 搪膠公仔全高13cm,跟據角色還原細緻上色及閃爍眼睛。)


Size : ~13cm(H)
Material : Soft Vinyl
Available in Jan 2018

Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus

Made in China


In stock