COSMAD 宇宙狂俠 – HappFactory


Stephen Hawking once said “There are two states for alien civilization, like human, aliens are actually exploring in the universe, aiming to protect themselves and develop their communities. They are looking for planets like the Earth, and we are going to be found by them very soon…

COSMAD is an unknown space odyssey, can change into three different facial expressions – “benevolence, evilness, truth”, in response to the environment he is facing. COSMAD doesn’t only with playfulness to collector but also as a reflection for human. Does our “Universe exploration” good or bad? Or does it as mysterious and scary as COSMAD?

A Collaboration of HappFactory and TOY0+ by bring fans the “COSMAD” robot, with 20.5cm tall and 8 movable parts. Helmet can be taken-off and with 3 rotatable facial expressions, the back ejectors are the weapons holding on hands. COSMAD is now available LIMITED on TOY0+ website.

(已故科學家霍金曾說:「外星文明存著兩種狀態:低於 及 高於地球文明,而後者是最可怕。跟人類一樣,外星人也正為自身長遠發展,在宇宙中尋找像地球的行星,因此我們被發現是遲早的事…」

COSMAD 本來就是一個不知名的宇宙遊俠機械人,亦正亦邪,因應面對的環境產生不同身份 — 「善、惡、真」是他可調動的三張表情。除了包含玩味外,其實COSMAD亦給人類反思近年的「宇宙探索」,究竟是好是壞?會否跟 COSMAD 一樣,神秘又可怕?

由HappFactory聯乘TOY0+全新作品 – COSMAD宇宙狂俠,全高20.5cm多達8個分件可動關節,頭盔可除下調動頭部的三個表情,噴射器可作為手中的武器槍,現正於TOY0+限量發售!)


Size : ~ 20.5cm(H)
Material : Soft Vinyl
Available in March 2019
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China
+ ARTIST : HappFactory


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