*Exclusive accessories ONLY AVAILABLE with “Playtoysforever” Edition

Demon Craft – Lapis


Monsters are rampant during the Heian period in Japan, a weapon artisan’s daughter was captured by the monsters. In order to find his missing daughter, he formed “Demon Craft” by his willpower to eradicate other monsters, fighting for the reunion with his daughter.

日本平安時代,妖怪猖獗 。一名武器工匠的女兒被妖怪抓走,為了尋找女兒的下落,匠師的意志魔化出「匠鬼」,獨行山隅、斬妖除怪,全都是為了與女兒的重逢。

Demon Craft relates to legendary Japanese ghosts & monsters culture. Scotty had put a lot of effort, time and soul into the creation. By Transferring his spirit into creation as nutrients, and adding Ukiyo-painted elements into the figure.


Demon Craft Lapis soft vinyl toy is 15.5cm tall, colour based on a deep blue colour of semi-precious atom, Lapis.

*Exclusive accessories ONLY AVAILABLE with “Playtoysforever” Edition (特典配件只會在「玩老玩具」版本中配有)*


Size : ~15.5cm(H)
Colour : Lapis
Material : Vinyl

Manufacturer : Toyzeroplus
Estimated Shipping: October 2017

+ ARTIST : Scotty Wang


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About +Artist : Scotty Wang

The creation of "Demon Craft" - Scotty Wang, love to collect model toys since childhood, and specially like legendary creatures and ghost stories, eager to create his own designer toy to everyone. In his age of 16, he went to the Art institute of CA in United State, and began the 3D Creation dream.

In 2010, Scotty has back from US and worked in the game industry to utilize his strength, although there are lots of excitement and challenges, but he still didn't satisfy and decided to change his professional and achieve his "Toy dream" by steps. In 2015 Scotty started his own studio, until he met TOYZEROPLUS, there's truly get into the Sofubi(Soft Vinyl) toy design. This opportunity allows him to explore variety of toys around the world, and within this "toy industry", he believes that this is what he wants, and achieve his own dream in this big platform.

「匠鬼」的創作者Scotty Wang,從小就喜歡收集和組裝模型玩具,對於鬼怪類的故事更是情有獨鍾,渴望著能夠創造出屬於自己且受到大家喜愛的"玩具",因此在16歲那年到美國The art institute of CA藝術學校,開始了3D藝術創作之路。



TOY0+Tell us more about the story behind "Demon Craft".
Scotty WangThe reason behind creating "Demon Craft", as I'm specially love Japanese ghosts & monsters culture. You must putting a lot of effort, time and soul into the Creation. Transferring my spirit into my creation as nutrients, and adding Ukiyo-painted elements into the green ghost, red ghost figure.

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?
Scotty WangI really enjoy collecting toys, Specially like the movable model toys, and I also love to collecting some masterpieces, such as Takayuki Takeya, Sentinel, etc.

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?
Scotty WangToy culture has been growing through our communities in related to different social systems and concepts, In my opinion, toys are made by designers with passion, it has also been inspiring our hearts. Sofubi toy is a historical testimony in the toy culture, nowadays designers have different ideas to higher the standard, and giving a soul to the toys.

TOY0+Through making your first vinyl toy, can you share with us the differences of Toy and Game creation?
Scotty WangIn fact, "toys" & "game" production are the same, which represents perfection and strong ideas/elements. To be able to create my first vinyl Toy is the most exciting thing , which is not only aim to create prefect shapes of the product, but also involved many details like materials selection, painting application, there are many details to pay attention, that's why I really appreciate and respect toy production!

TOY0+What is your impression of bringing "Demon Craft" into a vinyl collectible toy with TOYZEROPLUS.
Scotty WangThis collaboration put a big step forward to my dream. And during the working process with TOYZEROPLUS, I can really feel and experiencing their professional, the details of each progress and and the finished outcome are unexpectedly perfect, I would like work with them again and produce more and better works.

TOY0+What would you plan to focus for the next project? Will it be monsters/ghosts concept again or something else?
Scotty WangFor toy creation, I have been thinking a lot of ideas, but we need long term planing and discussion to make it happens. At the moment, there are still 2 more projects in discuss with TOYZEROPLUS, and I'm looking forward to show it to my fans later on!