Spooky Bloofus (SKELETON version)


Halloween is COMING!!! 🎃👻💀
TOY0+ is presenting a Halloween SPECIAL with +Artist Mooncasket for all the fans, by introducing a special SKELETON version of Spooky Bloofus! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

萬聖節即將到來!TOY0+與+Artist Mooncasket為大家送上萬聖節驚喜!白骨塗妝版本的小巨人Bloofus!


Size : ~13cm(H)
Material : Soft Vinyl (Sofubi)
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus

Available in Early November 2018

Made in China

+ ARTIST : Mooncasket


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About +Artist : Mooncasket

Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) is a designer and illustrator from Hong Kong who is popular for her cute and quirky character doodles. Wanting to spread her attitude of poking fun and not taking things so seriously, Mooncasket created her kooky monster craze, which is inspired by her every day surrounding and 80-90s cartoon obsession. With the style of bold illustrations outlined in black with a balance of slightly dark and playful imagery, Mooncasket delivers her art with strong impression and reputation.

Throughout the years, Mooncasket participated in a great variety of exhibitions and events. The most well known ones would be her collaborations with House of Vans Hong Kong, which included different types of activities like live painting and street market. Other campaigns would be HKWalls Print Exhibition, Arist Meet & Greet by Cotton On, (y)ours J-01 Gallery, etc.

Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan)是一名香港設計及插畫師,憑著以暗黑為主的大膽插圖風格及古怪而可愛的人物塗鴉聞名。而她創作的怪獸堆俏皮又幽默,一直給人深刻的印象,靈感來自日常生活和80-90年代的西方漫畫風格。Mooncasket盼能鼓勵人們別把所有事情都看得那麼嚴肅和認真,並藉此傳播玩樂和放鬆的正能量。

近年,Mooncasket的創作現身於多項展覽和活動。最為人知的是跟潮牌House of Vans Hong Kong的合作,如現場繪畫和街頭市場。其他活動為HKWalls Print Exhibition, Arist Meet & Greet by Cotton On, (y)ours J-01 Gallery等。


TOY0+When we mentioned about “Mooncasket”, people could easily think of the quirky and cute monster craze, and each monster has a unique appearance, facial expression and movement. I believe our fans would be interested to know more about your design ideas and inspiration.

MooncasketLiving in a busy city is stressful at times and people are very complicated creatures. I’ve enjoyed drawing since I was a kid and I find cartoons are a soothing getaway from reality. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time and it makes your day a much better day when you see a character that you love. I have a mixture of cartoon inspirations from 80’s – 90’s Americana and monsters of the silver screen. My creatures on the other hand are a part of me, they’re my imaginary friends.

TOY0+From a huge number of monsters from your creation, why Bloofus have been chosen for this soft vinyl collectible?

MooncasketBloofus is my first character that I have developed and he represents someone who means a lot to me. Bloofus has been with me since the start of my illustration career. He’s like a lucky charm that I keep in my pocket. When I’m feeling down, I imagine this humble furry monster coming to life, giving me giant hugs.

TOY0+Do you collect any toys? What kind of toys do you like?

MooncasketI own a few designer toys, but I mainly collect cartoon figurines from American cult cartoon shows and movies. As well as some of the silver screen monsters like Frankenstein.

TOY0+What do you think about the toy culture? How would you think that a designer toy means to you?

MooncasketA designer toy is not just a toy but it’s an idea to share, a story to tell and a character to breathe life into. Each designer / artist has different styles and personalities. Created from imagination, the character is a motto to the designer. It’s always interesting to see how they are conveyed to the real world.

TOY0+Your monster craze has been produced into many products. I believe the collaboration of Mooncasket and Vans would be the most familiar campaign among us, such as the shoes, T-shirts and backpacks. Comparing with these, what are the differences while bringing Bloofus into a soft vinyl collectible toy? Could you share with us on any interesting progress?

MooncasketThere’s a line drawn between client’s work and personal projects. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Vans and bring Bloofus on board with some apparel items. When you work with a client, there will always be expectations and requirements around the creative space. Bringing Bloofus into a collectible toy on the other hand will be considered as a passion project for me as it’s more personal. I also get to know my character better while working on this project.

TOY0+And after this collaboration with TOY0+, would you like to bring other created characters into soft vinyl toy collection? And why?

MooncasketYes, I would love to. I have many more characters that I’d love to bring and share to the world. Bloofus will also need friends. No one likes being alone :)
想,我十分樂意。我有很多角色想帶入這個世界,跟人分享。Bloofus都會想認識更多朋友,沒人想做孤獨精 :)