We Are Friends – Hug Hug and Mr. Penguin (Pre-order)


Everyone knows the little polar bear “Bac Bac” created by our +Artist Darylhochi, and actually, there are 2 lovely friends of Bac Bac – Black Bear and Mr. Penguin! Black Bear is a bit shy and introverted, while Mr. Penguin is a bit arrogant. However, they have surprisingly got along with each other and become very good friends.
(提起+Artist Darylhochi,大家一定認識她創作的北極熊角色「白白」!或許你不知道,其實白白還有兩個可愛的動物朋友,牠們就是黑熊「黑黑」和「企鵝先生」!黑黑有點內向,企鵝先生有點高傲,但他們不知為何一拍即合、惺惺相惜,從此成為了好朋友。)

Here’s the good news to everyone, introducing “We Are Friends – Hug Hug and Mr. Penguin” designed by Darylhochi and produced by TOY0+, Black Bear soft vinyl toy is 11cm tall and Mr. Penguin is 6.6cm tall, available in set. Estimated delivery to be February 2019.
(繼白白的搪膠玩具後,由Darylhochi設計,TOY0+製作,「好朋友系列 – 黑黑與企鵝先生」公仔正式面世。黑黑搪膠公仔全高11cm,而企鵝先生搪膠公仔全高6.6cm,將於套裝發售,發貨期暫定為2019年2月。)


Size : ~ Hug Hug : 11cm(H) / Mr. Penguin  : 6.6cm(H)
Material : Soft Vinyl
Available in Feb 2019
Manufacturer: Toyzeroplus
Made in China

+ ARTIST : Darylhochi


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About +Artist : Darylhochi

Darylhochi (Creator of Bac Bac’s Diary) is a Hong Kong based designer and illustrator, graduated at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She enjoys drawing, photography and observation. Her works has been published in "Weekend Weekly" magazine and "Ming Pao" newspaper, participated in exhibition included "poetic shower" and "Macaroon Duet" etc.

Darylhochi created Bac Bac, which is a lovely polar bear living in the city. It faces difficulties with a smile and hopes to heal other people. Bac Bac can be described as Darylhochi’s masterpiece that it has gained a huge popularity in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Especially when Darylhochi corporated with LINE stickers in 2014, she designed a series of sticker icons named as “Bac Bac’s Diary”. This makes Bac Bac to be one of the most popular cartoon characters in the social network. Moreover, Darylhochi has introduced a bundle of Bac Bac hand-crafted products and they all generated a great voice among customers and fans.

Darylhochi (白白日記的設計者),一個名字經常被寫錯和讀錯的香港人,喜愛繪畫,攝影和觀察的她,畢業於香港理工大學平面設計系,如今是一名設計及插畫師。她的作品曾於《新假期》的《好生活》和《明報》的《星期日生活》刊登,亦參與過<poetic shower>和<Macaroon Duet>等插畫展 。



TOY0+去年我們推岀「白白 · 一起寫生去」首個搪膠珍藏公仔,可否分享一下為什麼即將推岀的第二彈和是跟"夏天"有關呢?
Last year we had launched "Bac Bac Let's Go Sketching" as the first soft vinyl collectible toy. Can you share with us the inspiration behind the second series, and why it is related to the theme “Summer”?

It is because summer is coming soon, and Bac Bac will be joining the Toy Expo in Thailand, so I decided to apply “Summer” as the main theme of my next series.

Do you have any toy collections? What kind of toys do you like?

Darylhochi大慨是有大眾臉、臉容簡單、有設計感的都容易喜歡上,例如Playmobil和Sticky monster lab等都有收集,近來也喜歡上山椒魚Byron,但太貴了無能為力哈哈哈。
I am in fond of toy characters who have simple faces and special design features, such as Playmobil and Sticky Monster Lab. Recently, I am attracted by Byron Baby, too, but its collectibles are too expensive for me.

What do you think about the toy culture? How does a designer toy or a soft vinyl collectible toy mean to you?

Actually, I am not so sure. Unlike kidult toys, which focus on fun and the variety of playing methods, I think designer toys focus more on ornaments and the concept behind those characters, as well as different materials used and coloring application. To me, turning a 2D illustration into a solid product is a magical and amazing process.

TOY0+「白白 · 一起寫生去」推出後非常搶手,無論是你的粉絲和膠迷都十分喜歡。你覺得將自己創作的角色製作成搪膠公仔,和你推岀的其他副產品有什麼分別?
"Bac Bac Let's Go Sketching" got a positive feedback from both of your fans and a bundle of toy collectors. How would you compare the differences between bringing your character (Bac Bac) into a soft vinyl collectible toy, and other side products you have introduced previously?

I would say the biggest difference is the completion level and quality. In the past, I tried to transform Bac Bac into a 3D work, by using materials like clay, blankets and newspaper. But the result is so different from those which are made by professional 3D modelers. As they are more knowledgeable that they have a better understanding on some details, such as how to restore and present them on the final outcome, which is very impressive. Moreover, holding a soft vinyl final product in hand feels like a real toy, which is awesome.

Please share with us more on the ideas or impression behind bringing Bac Bac into a vinyl collectible toy with TOY0+.

Thank you for the invitation, or else it is hard to say when could Bac Bac become a 3D work. In addition, I appreciate the TOY0+ team, which cooperates with my needs with patience and heart, so to achieve many of my design ideas. It is glad to see Bac Bac comes to life!

After this collaboration with TOY0+, would you like to add more Bac Bac with different looks or themes into your soft vinyl toy collection? And why?

Of course! It is fun and it just seems cannot be stopped, haha!