Special Editions – Demon Craft in Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]

In February, we joined the Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] in Japan, bringing a wide variety of our +Artist, Scotty Wang’s Demon Craft figures there and here is to thanks for all our fans’ participation and support!

Let’s review all the stunning special editions of Demon Craft, which are collaboratively produced by Scotty, a bundle of design parties and us!


二月時,我們帶著多款+Artist,Scotty Wang的匠鬼模型產品到日本參加了Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] ,在此要感謝所有有份參與活動並支持我們的粉絲朋友!



Demon Craft.Ganso Daruma[Red/Gold/Golden Black]


People believe that traditional Daruma could bring good fortune to everyone. Make a wish by put in one eye, and bless for the dream come true.

The possessor usually puts in one eye and makes a wish, and at later stage, paints in the other eye of when had his/her wish realized. “Demon Craft.Ganso Daruma” has been pre-painted with the left eye, we wish to send our bless to the fans and while they could paint the right eye on their own when dreams come true.




Demon Craft.Judo Master [WF2018(W) Exclusive Ver]

匠鬼.柔道王 [WF2018(冬) 會場獨家版本]

JUDO has been hailed as a national martial art in Japan. The philosophy of Judo practice based on the principle of “softness controls hardness” and “mutual welfare and benefit”, with the goal of training and educating in both physically and mentally, rather than just a simply win or lose athletics.

As for our first show in Japan, Demon Craft became a “JUDO MASTER”, sharing his skills with all the Japanese fans!

The “Demon Craft.Judo Master” is based in apricot colour (WF theme colour) by carrying a black belt in Judo suit, with a translucent removable head whether you could sightly see through the inside part.

「柔道」- 被喻為是日本的國術,柔道修行以”精力善用”、”自他共榮”為基本理念,以鍛練及教育身心為主,而非單純以競技勝負為目標。


Wonder Festival獨家版本 – 「匠鬼.柔道王」,穿上黑帶柔道服的匠鬼以杏桃色為主配色(WF主題顏色),上半部為透明材實,隱約可見內裏頭部。


Demon Craft.Gold-Coated Daruma [Rainbow / Seablue]



With its polished gold and blue as the main colour, the “Demon Craft.Gold-Coated Daruma” is inspired by traditional Japanese ukiyo-e.

By 22 steps of hand-crafted gilding, each Daruma included with a walnut base, limited certificate and luxurious wooden box packaging.

以傳統日本浮世繪作為藍本,取其璀璨的淡金及藍色作主色,TOY0+和Scotty Wang為大家送上「匠鬼.流金達磨」。



Demon Craft.Drunkard Boss



Demon Craft.Drunkard Boss Daruma


“Workplace such like battlefield, let’s go for a drink and relax after work!” Boss drink a lot and tell his staffs, “Tomorrow will be a better day and work harder!” He was completely drunk and even didn’t realize someone play a trick on his back head(のまの)…

AAAZ is a tattoo artist/illustrator and loves funny creation, TOY0+ is happy to invited AAAZ to do a custom series of Demon Craft for us – “Drunkard Boss”. By doing a special Colour painting, Demon Craft’s face turns red and become a “Drunkard”.

“Drunkard Boss” series included both Demon Craft & Daruma, were available as limited item at Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]!




「匠鬼.酒鬼課長」有匠鬼及達磨兩個版本,限量於Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] 現場發售!


Demon Craft.Aged Bronze Edition (By Gottalovethesethings)

匠鬼.青銅版本 (By Gottalovethesethings)


Demon Craft.Illusion Edition (By Hexactus)

匠鬼・幻覺版 (By Hexactus)


Demon Craft Daruma.Illusion Edition (By Hexactus)

匠鬼達磨・幻覺版 (ByHexactus)

We had invited “Gottalovethesethings” and “Hexactus” to do a custom colour of Demon Craft for Wonder Festival.

By doing a special bronze effect, “Gottalovethesethings” had made 2pcs of “Demon Craft.Aged Bronze Edition” with included certificate and wooden box packaging.

“Hexactus” did a custom version of “Ushioni Samurai” before, and this time he has made this special illusion colour for Demon Craft.

這次Wonder Festival邀請了多位自家品牌,為匠鬼定制了特別版本,包括”Gottalovethesethings”及”Hexactus”,其中”Gottalovethesethings”以獨有的舊化「青銅」特效,打做了限量2隻「匠鬼.青銅版本」,每隻均有GLTT編號卡及收藏木盒。

至於”Hexactus”於早前的展覽已為牛鬼武士製作特別配色,這次再為一對匠鬼及匠鬼達磨塗上幻覺配色,兩位artist的限量作品於Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] 現場發售!


“Demon Craft.INITIAL” Set(Demon Craft/D.C. Daruma)
*Included Special Weapon Accessory & Individual Certificate*


Demon Craft special colour editions are always being fans’ favourite collection, this time Scotty Wang collaborated with “Hell Toy Group” and introducing 60sets of Limited edition “Demon Craft.INITIAL”!

“Demon Craft.INITIAL” set included both Demon Craft & Demon Craft Daruma, we had also added a brand new weapon accessory for this collectible set – the “Serpent Spear”, with individual certificate, which was first available at Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter].


匠鬼曾推出過的特別配色,一直深受收藏家歡迎,這次匠鬼作者Scotty Wang與Hell Toy Group合作,推出60 sets的「匠鬼.初」系列!

「匠鬼.初」中包括匠鬼及匠鬼達磨各一,而這次匠鬼更有全新特典武器”雙蛇槍”,並附有獨立證書,以套裝形式在Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] 現場優先發售。


“Ushioni Samurai.DARKNESS”


After the battle with “Demon Craft”, “Ushioni Samurai” continues his inhuman massacre in other villages. He gradually turns to darkness form which contains despair and blood from the humans, and also sealed their wraith into his weapon “Samsara Cane”. . . . . .

“Ushioni Samura” has released last year, and we have introduced the second version in Wonder Festival! Collaboration of Scotty Wang and TOY0+, we had brought our fans the “Ushioni Darkness”.

It is painted with a combination of black and red colour which represents the desperation and blood, including a brand new weapon accessory “Samsara Cane”!


「牛鬼武士」於去年公佈,今年首次在Wonder Festival再度矚目登場!由Scotty Wang和TOY0+合作,為大家帶來「牛鬼武士.闇」。



“Demon Craft.Weapon Pack”


Some of our fans might know, Only “Limited” or “Regional Exclusive” versions of Demon Craft will included a weapon accessory. But…

TOY0+ and Scotty Wang had introduced the “Weapon Pack” for the Demon Craft Series, there are a total 4 different types of weapons that were randomly packed for sale at Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter]!


TOY0+與Scotty Wang為匠鬼推出了獨立「武器包」,4款武器不同造型的武器,獨立以隨機方式岀售,武器配件可供「匠鬼」及「牛鬼武士」使用,於Wonder Festival 2018 [Winter] 現場優先發售!


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