Special Editions of “Bloofus & Poppy Gold”@Thailand Toy Expo

Here’s a custom version of “Bloofus & Baby Rudy” by KiK Toyz X Mooncasket. Limited to 5 pieces, it was available at Thailand Toy Expo 2018!

由Kik Toyz X Mooncasket的合作,限量5隻”Bloofus & Baby Rudy” custom版本於TTE現場發售!


Here’s a special luxurious collectible for Thai fans – “Bloofus & Poppy Gold (Aztec Edition)”. Collected by Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) and TOY0+, “Bloofus” soft vinyl toy is 13cm tall and painted in an ancient “Aztec” style effect, each set was included a protective wooden box package.


為粉絲送上收藏家版本的Bloofus & Poppy Gold – Aztec Edition。由Mooncasket (Evangeline Chan) 與TOY0+合作,小巨人Bloofus搪膠公仔全高13cm,這次塗上「阿茲特克」古文明古蹟效果,附有印有Bloofus Logo的收藏木盒。

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