Special Editions of Ribbon Lady & White Lady in Miloza’s Showcase

Congratulations to our +Artist, Miloza, who had just finished her showcase! TOY0+ is also glad to see her displaying some special editions of Ribbon Lady & White Lady, which are collaboratively produced with us previously, during the exhibition!

TOY0+想在此恭喜+Artist米路沙剛剛完成了個人展覽!亦很開心見到她展出了早前跟TOY0+合作推出的Ribbon Lady & White Lady的搪膠公仔改裝版本!


Firstly introducing the 5 limited hand-painted versions of Ribbon Lady & White Lady!

They are sprayed with a thick smooth coating to especially show a texture of ceramic. It’s full of a fairy tale flavor, isn’t it?

首先有限量5個的Ribbon Lady & White Lady手繪版本!



Another highlight would be the One Off version collaborated with U.S. artist,  Mechavirus!

另外還有跟美國塗裝師Mechavirus合作推出的One Off版本Ladies!

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