The Classic Nekoroid Demon Craft

“One night, I walked back to my bedroom after taken a shower, while I was ready to go to bed, and realized that my desk keep shaking…I walked to my desk slowly, the tremor grew even louder. Suddenly, my desk drawer popped out and 2 little Daruma jumped out!”

TOY0+ and +Artist Scotty Wang had brought everyone a classic “Nekoroid” form of Demon Craft. The “Demon Craft.Daruma (Nekoroid MK-1/Nekoroid MK-II) were firstly launched at Thailand Toy Expo 2018.


TOY0+和設計師Scotty Wang為匠鬼達磨重新配搭,以經典「機械體」可愛造型示人,匠鬼達磨(Nekoroid MK-1/Nekoroid MK-II)於Thailand Toy Expo 2018現場優先發售!

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