TOY0+ Bac Bac Figure Photoshoot Competition 2017 – Two Fans Won Darylhochi’s Autograph Edition Bac Bac Products

Since Darylhochi and TOY0+ have collaboratively produced a great variety of Bac Bac soft vinyl products, we always receive interesting Bac Bac photo shoots from our fans through Facebook and Instagram. The “TOY0+ Bac Bac Figure Photoshoot Competition 2017” was held in the beginning of December to let everyone bring their Bac Bac figure to beautiful places, take photos and share, letting more people know about this cute little polar bear!

Darylhochi, the creator of Bac Bac, finally chose the two best photos from a large amount of pictures received. Here comes TOY0+’s congratulations to the two winners – @dirokao and @iamapplepuff! They have each got a Darylhochi’s Autograph Edition of “Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01” as prizes.


經過白白日記作者Darylhochi在多張粉絲作品中的一番輪選,最終選岀了兩張最佳作,在此恭喜兩位得獎者 – @dirokao 和 @iamapplepuff!他們倆獲得由TOY0+送岀的Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01 (Darylhochi親筆簽名特別版)。

TOY0+ hereby thank to all participants and fans for their support. As always, we welcome any lovely photos of Bac Bac from all of you! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ




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