TOY0+ on FAMI通 Live Show

Let’s have a review on FAMI通’s live show interview, with TOY0+’s Founder and Creative Director Wilson shared about the sofubi products in Nu-De Toy Salon!

TOY0+的Founder and Creative Director Wilson剛參與了FAMI通的現場訪問,他分享了多種在Nu-De Toy Salon推出的搪膠玩具,一起重溫吧!


Fami通 – 生放送【玩具通】嘉賓:AE Workshop主理人 Elvis 、Andysonhttps://www.aeworkshophk.comToy Zero Plus主埋人 Wilsonhttps://toyzeroplus.comTrash Talk Toys主理人 Ian & Jonathan主持:Hinako、Tin

Fami通(香港)さんの投稿 2017年12月6日(水)


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