TOY0+ in BTS2017

TOY0+ brought a great variety of +Artist products to participate in the Beijing Toy Show 2017 (8-10/9). +Artists, Miloza and LamPei, also joined us in the event.

For more exciting news, Demon Craft by Scotty Wang, had generated a huge voice and the limited editions (Demon Craft GOLDEN BLACK and Demon Craft HUMANOID) had already been sold to our lucky fans. Congratulations!

TOY0+ firstly wants to thank BTS for giving us opportunities to meet a lot of new customers, especially those from Beijing, and share our feelings of playing and collecting designer toys. Also, we have to thank for all the support provided by our fans!

Let’s meet again in Taipei Toy Festival 2017 (7-10/10)!


TOY0+在8-10/9,將多款+Artist 產品帶到了北京國際潮流玩具展2017 (BTS 2017),米路沙和林皮都有親身來臨支持。

另一令人振奮的消息是,Scotty Wang跟TOY0+合作的匠鬼都引來大量迥響,而兩款會場限定版(「匠鬼.黑金」和「匠鬼.人造人」)亦已出售給幸運的玩具迷們,在此也恭喜他們獲得了心愛的玩具!


在7-10/10,0 我們會去到台灣參加2017台北國際玩具創作大展! 又有新產品準備登場見大家! 到時見吧!

Click the clip below to review our great moments during the BTS 2017.

BTS 2017片段重溫:

TOY0+ Facebook Live: Beijing Toy Show 2017 Review

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