We are Ready! – Demon Craft Solo Show

Great thanks to the 28 artists, who painted their unique crossover versions for Demon Craft. They will all participate as the one-off versions in the lottery on 9-10th June’s Demon Craft Solo Show.

非常感謝為匠鬼Crossover而特別設計並上色的28位設計師,他們的作品均會在6月9-10日的「匠鬼之怒」 – 匠鬼個人展進行One-off抽選。


Besides the above crossover versions, there will also be “The Destroyer” in the lottery, which is limited to 5 pieces in the globe.



Not only Demon Craft is joining the party, but also Daruma! TOY0+ is launching the “Demon Craft Daruma – Skeleton “Glow In The Dark (GITD) Version”. Designer, Scotty Wang has plugged a new sculpted skeleton structure into the Daruma and added a glow in the dark effect. It will initially release at the Demon Craft Solo Show.

當然還有不能少的達磨!這次TOY0+推出了「匠鬼.達磨 – 內骨夜光版」;設計師Scotty Wang重新塑造了達磨的內骨結構,並附有夜光效果,於「匠鬼之怒」 – 匠鬼個人展現場優先發售。


As the Weapon Pack for Demon Craft/Ushioni Samurai is becoming our fans’ favorite accessories, TOY0+ is introducing a “SERIES 2” of the Weapon Pack and will be launched on 9th June, at the Demon Craft Solo Show!



Lastly, thank you DIO Channel 太歲 for the interview of the Demon Craft Solo Show. Looking forward to it and see you all at Vintage Vinyl Club!

最後,感謝DIO Channel 太歲為大家現場直擊「匠鬼之怒」展覽。萬分的期待!明天在Vintage Vinyl Club見!

[展覽直擊] 匠鬼之怒.Demon Craft Solo Show

[展覽直擊] 匠鬼之怒.Demon Craft Solo Show 日期 : 9 June 2018 – 15 June 2018時間 : 12 PM – 9 PM地點 : Vintage & Vinyl Club 膠易廣場#展覽直擊 #diochannel #CWHK #太歳 #熊仔 #Vintage & #Vinyl #Club #膠易廣場 #匠鬼之怒 #Demon #Craft #Solo #Show #Scotty.#W.#Toys #DemonCraftAft #Toyzeroplus

DIO Channelさんの投稿 2018年6月8日金曜日


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