X’mas versions in TOYSOUL 2017

It’s Christmas time! Collaborated with our +Artists, TOY0+ has introduced a bundle of Christmas version products in TOYSOUL 2017 in mid December. Let’s have a look!

為迎合節日氣氛,TOY0+在12月中舉行的TOYSOUL 2017,跟多位+Artist特別推出了聖誕版本的產品,一起來看看吧!


白白 by Darylhochi | Bac Bac by Darylhochi


In early November, TOY0+ held a secret meeting with Bac Bac to discuss the arrangement for the coming TOYSOUL. While we were decide to use Christmas as the main theme for the show, Bac Bac suddenly shouted, “This year I want to dress up as a Santa’s Reindeer!”

Bac Bac Santa’s Reindeer Version – The Bac Bac figure is made by soft vinyl with velvet texture, with separated antlers and small bell as accessories.

11月初,TOY0+和白白開了一次秘密會議,相討如何籌備今年的TOYSOUL,正當談論到有關聖誕節的主題,白白即時衝口而岀:「今年我想打扮成一隻聖誕鹿!」( • 오 • )

聖誕鹿白白 – 整隻白白以植絨毛材質製作,配上聖誕鹿角和小吊鐘配飾,造型非常可愛治癒。

Rainbows bring the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass, hold strong in your faith and vision and the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings.

Apart from “Bac Bac Santa’s Reindeer Version”, TOY0+ and Darylhochi also prepared “Bac Bac Rainbow Version” limited soft vinyl collectible for our fans at TOYSOUL.

Bac Bac Rainbow Version – The translucent Bac Bac figure is painted by gradient rainbow colour, and filled with little snow particles. We hope that Rainbow Bac Bac could bring positive energy to everyone!

彩虹 – 比喻著遇到困難和挫折時,只要努力、堅毅不屈地面對,總會在雨過天晴後岀現。


彩虹浮雲白白 – 透明的白白公仔塗上漸變的彩虹配色,公仔內放滿了小雪粒,隨意搖晃可營造不同效果,希望彩虹白白都能將正能量帶給大家。


Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01 – After drawing a huge attention from our fans in October, TOY0+ was happy to bring this mini soft vinyl collectible to TOYSOUL.

Bac Bac Not Just A Sticker 01 – 產品自10月推岀以來,一直得到粉絲的關注,TOY0+很高興能夠將這款迷你搪膠公仔於TOYSOUL現場發售。


匠鬼.達磨 by Scotty Wang | Demon Craft Daruma by Scotty Wang


Still thinking of how to decorate your home for X’mas? We would like to give you a good suggestion! Since we had released the first “Demon Craft Daruma” in October, it has becomes everyone’s favourite for their mini soft vinyl collection. TOY0+ and Demon Craft’s artist, Scotty Wang, had brought a special series of “Demon Craft Daruma (X’mas Edition)” to TOYSOUL.

Demon Craft Daruma (X’mas Edition) – Santa Claus / X’mas Tree / X’mas Eve – Each daruma are specially added with glitter and painted with X’mas characters, absolutely an ideal decor for your home!

為添置聖誕裝飾感到煩惱?TOY0+將給你一個好選擇!自10月推出「匠鬼.達磨」後,已成為多位搪膠公仔收藏家的至愛之一,來到TOYSOUL,TOY0+再次與匠鬼設計師”Scotty Wang”合作,推出了一系列以聖誕為主題的「匠鬼.達磨(聖誕特別版)」。

匠鬼.達磨(聖誕特別版) – 聖誕老人 / 聖誕樹 / 平安夜 – 每一款均以色彩繽紛的閃粉和聖誕圖案塗妝,絕對是今個聖誕節最好的擺設和裝飾品。



Collaborated with Custom Artist Kendy Tan from “KENTANWORKS, the “Demon Craft Galaxy Daruma” was another remarkable item for the TOYSOUL Night Market.

Demon Craft Galaxy Daruma – Uniquely painted into a “Galaxy” colour and limited to 9/PCS in TOYSOUL.

「匠鬼.達磨 (宇宙版本)」是由TOY0+,Scotty Wang和”KENTANWORKS”的Kendy合作為TOYSOUL Night Market帶給粉絲的驚喜。

匠鬼.達磨 (宇宙版本) – 宇宙配色,製作限量9隻。


Jaime & Mimi by Yokooong | 詹米與米米 by Yokooong


Jaime: “What’s happen on your head!?”
Mimi: “You’ve dye your hair, haven’t you?”

They are both dressed up differently, as Christmas is COMING SOON!

Jaime & Mimi at Christmas – Jaime is 13.9cm tall and with a removable heart accessory on his left chest. Little dog Mimi is 7cm tall with a X’mas reindeer outlook.



詹米與米米 – 聖誕限定 – 換上新裝的詹米搪膠公仔全高13.9cm,在胸口的左邊,配有可拆出來的心形配件;而由樹脂製的米米公仔高7cm,這次打扮成可愛的聖誕鹿。


Bloofus & Poppy Gold by Mooncasket


Let it Snow..Let it Snow..LET IT SNOW!

Bauble & Frosty – X’mas Edition(by Mooncasket) – “Bauble” soft vinyl toy is 13cm tall, with his little snowman “Frosty” as a separate accessory.

Bauble & Frosty – 聖誕特別版(by Mooncasket) – Bauble搪膠公仔全高13cm,附有小雪人Frosty的分拆配件。


Collaborated with Custom Artist Kendy Tan from “KENTANWORKS, the “Galaxy Bloofus & Poppy Gold” was another remarkable item for the TOYSOUL Night Market.

Galaxy Bloofus & Poppy Gold – Uniquely painted into a “Galaxy” colour and limited to 9/PCS in TOYSOUL.

「Bloofus & Poppy Gold宇宙版本」是由TOY0+,Scotty Wang和”KENTANWORKS”的Kendy合作為TOYSOUL Night Market帶給粉絲的驚喜。

Bloofus & Poppy Gold宇宙版本 – 宇宙配色,製作限量9隻。



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