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LuLu in Bloom 筆記本 (附贈LuLu in Bloom貼紙包)


春意盎然,LuLu in Bloom筆記本增添你在初櫻季節的儀式感。

尺寸:14.5 x 21.3cm
*本子共 128頁;內含6款不同間隔

購買筆記本可免費獲䁬 LuLu in Bloom 貼紙包乙個,每個貼紙包內有6款貼紙,每款貼紙 5 張。(數量有限,送完即止。)

    About the Artist



    "Handcrafting is a kind of mood and an artistic conception. It is like endowing talents and life by hands to each piece of work, letting them to have their own thoughts and emotion, and to feel the most original look in their heart."

    The founder of the brand "Cici’s Story", Cici, is the handcrafter who has given life to these little pigs in the can of SPAM.

    Do you still remember about these little pigs in the can that had become the talk of the town at the beginning of 2019? But what you may not know is that they are called "LULU" and actually they are elves came from the can of SPAM!With pinky colors and silly gestures, they couldn’t wait to celebrate the Year of Pig with you so they ran out of the can!

    Anybody would like to have a "taste" on it?


    品牌 Cici’s Story 的創辦人,Cici,就是那個為午餐肉罐頭裡的小豬們賦予生命的獨立手作師。