A Boobs Awakening
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Product Name:A Boobs Awakening, Material:PVC, Price:HKD 1280, Packaging Size:W260 X H310 X D140 mm
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Limited edition of 500 with Certificate of Authenticity
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Once upon a time, there lived a naughty puppet. No, not the one you think of! The other one, with her long hair and cute carved earrings. Her only dream was to be human in real life. Being the cheeky marionette she was, she knew that the only way to succeed was to make a wish. She prayed " I want to be a real women" By the next morning... In her usual fluffy slipper, snug nightcap and colorful pajamas, she got out of bed and started with her cute morning routine. When she stretched in front of her mirror, she suddenly felt two bulges under her shirt. What a wood surprise, her dream was granted! She lived happily ever after...


About Artist
Artist - Juce Gace

Juce Gace is an artist from Paris who works as a screenwriter during the day and a graphic designer at night, dedicated to creating works full of French creativity and humor. His works are always crafted with care and presented in limited editions. Influenced by the cuteness of childhood icons and the foolishness of adulthood, his works combine art with fun. He hope to make you smile and laugh!

Toyzeroplus & Juce Gace
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