Hosuke Bro & Baby Hosuke Alien Color Set



ఠఠ్రఠHosuke Bro & Baby Hosuke Alien Color Setఠఠ్రఠ
+Artist: Robin Tang Antics
💰Set Price: HKD890

Hosuke Bro Alien Color with movable hands attack!✊Strong green arms help you lift Baby Hosuke Alien Color, Baby Hosuke you just bought, the pen you study with, your small goals, your big dreams. 💭 Oh... Hosuke Bro Alien Color carries your beautiful world on his shoulders. ⭐️

ఠఠ్రఠHosuke Bro Alien Colorఠఠ్రఠ
+Artist: Robin Tang Antics
💰Price: HKD715
📌Material: Soft Vinyl
📌Size: ~10.5CM tall

Perfectly replicated with the alien-themed colors, the precious Baby Hosuke Alien Color is quickly grabbed and placed inside the rocket launcher claw machine 🚀. Do you want to take him on a world adventure? Or perhaps you'd like to individually grab the Baby Hosuke Alien Color one by one using the remote control claw? 🎮

ఠఠ్రఠBaby Hosuke Alien Colorఠఠ్రఠ
+Artist: Robin Tang Antics
💰Price: HKD175
📌Material: Soft Vinyl
📌Size: ~6.5CM tall

*Each person could purchase max. 1 set
*Prototype was shown. Final product might be slightly different.
*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.
*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.