Mount Fuji Foodie Dinosaur - Magical Moment


黃昏時分,天色漸暗,晝夜交錯的時刻...... 傳說中在這個時間,人們容易遇見不存在於現實之物,此時,如夢似幻的富士山雷龍——《魔幻時刻》悄悄出現在雲霧之中☁️
粉嫩迷幻色彩、閃爍耀眼的晶蘋果,即將以 #限時不限量販售,跟隨指引在這條前往仙神秘之境的路上,將不會迷路......💫

( 台灣地區請至 : 購買 )

The sky is getting darker, at this time, The Mount Fuji Foodie Dinosaur is dreamlike -"Magical Moment." Quietly appeared in the clouds.
The pink and dazzling crystal Mount Fuji Foodie Dinosaur Magical Moment version will soon be sold as #Limitedtimeunlimitedquantity. Follow the guide on this road to the fairy and mysterious realm, and you will not get lost.

富士山雷龍 - 魔幻時刻
+Artist: dogdogbengpeng
( 首波販售時間 2021年6月7日 12PM - 3PM )
款式:二款隨機發貨 ( 紫晶蘋果、粉晶蘋果 )
尺寸 : 約10cm高、寬15cm寬
材質 : 軟膠
發貨日期:2021年第三季度 *依照訂單順序發貨
( 具體以實際到貨時間為準,如遇海關、運輸、出貨、訂單量等壓力過大,到貨時間可能有所延遲,敬請見諒。)

*TOYZEROPLUS 保留一切最終決定權*

Product Information
Mount Fuji Foodie Dinosaur - Magical Moment
+Artist: dogdogbengpeng
(The first wave of sales will be on June 7, 2021, 12PM-3PM)
Price: HKD500
Style: Two versions are shipped randomly (Purple Apple version, Pink Apple version)
Packing: transparent box packing
Size: Approximately 10cm high, 15cm wide
Material: soft rubber
Shipment date: the third quarter of 2021 (shipped in order of order)
(Specifically, the actual delivery time shall prevail. In case of excessive pressure from customs, transportation, shipment, order volume, etc., the delivery time may be delayed, sorry for the inconvenience caused.)

*Prototype was shown. The final product might be slightly different.*
*Each person could purchase max. 1pcs*
*This product is a customized product, excluding the seven-day appreciation period, please evaluate carefully before buying*
*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right of final decision*

About the Artist



Taiwanese illustrators who are good at drawing cute dinosaurs with fantasy colors. Collaborated with Toyzeroplus, they created this “Foodie Dinosaurs Blind Box series”, which each dinosaur are holding some signature Taiwanese food in hands, such as bubble tea, shaved ice, onigiri, etc. Moreover, they are packed in candy bags to imitate real candies’ packaging.

喜歡以糖果色調繪畫可愛的恐龍,他們是來自台灣的插畫師。 跟TOY0+合作創造了這套「吃貨恐龍盲抽系列」;每隻恐龍都手拿著台灣的著名小吃;例如有珍珠奶茶、刨冰、飯團... 還有就是牠們將以糖果紙包裝,仿製真實的糖果!