PP BABY (New year edition)



這隻PP BABY在某個種滿桔子的村裡面長大,每逢春節就是最豐收的時候,人們都忙著採摘果實,趕在新年前拿去市集售賣,淘氣的PP BABY最愛就是一邊幫忙,一邊偷吃藤籃裡的桔子~ 有時候還會悄悄地把幾顆放入口袋,拿去跟其他小朋友和動物分享!

PP BABY(新春版本)-紅和橙黃等的暖色系,低調散發新年的感覺,也是帶有一點懷舊風格的作品;每一套配上火精靈「火火大廈」和可愛的小桔子,祝各位粉絲新年大吉,大吉大利!

PP BABY grew up in a village full of mandarins. Spring Festival is the harvest time, where people are busy picking the fruits and selling them in the market before the new year. This naughty PP BABY loves to help and secretly eat the mandarins at the same time. Sometimes, he would also steal a few pieces, putting them in his pockets and sharing with other children and animals!
PP BABY (New year edition) - With warm colors like red, orange and yellow, it creates a new year atmosphere, also working with a little nostalgic style. Each set is equipped with “Horu Horu” the fire elf and of course, the cute mandarins. Wishing our fans a Happy Chinese New Year!


PP BABY(新春版本)

+Artist: AAAZ

價錢: HKD$480
配件:火火大廈 x 1+桔子 x 2(款式隨機配送)
商品產地: 中國大陸

預計發貨期: 2021年3月初到3月中


Product Information
PP BABY (New year edition)
+Artist: AAAZ

Size: ~9.5CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Price: HKD$480
Accessories: Horu Horu x 1 + Mandarin x 2 (Styles will be given away randomly)
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS

Expected delivery period: Early to Mid March 2021

*Each person could purchase max. 1pc*

About the Artist

Came from Guangzhou, AAAZ is both an illustrator and tattoo artist. She is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. “AAA-Z” is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

Recently, she has been collaborating with TOYZEROPLUS, a toy brand from Hong Kong, which has started her journey in the art toy industry by her first designer toy “PP BABY”. 


AAAZ近年更跟香港玩具品牌TOYZEROPLUS合作,以個人的首隻設計師玩具「PP BABY」開始踏足潮流玩具界。