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Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) - More Want



「魔王」原本其實是人類,但感受過人類的惡意後,化身為魔族,更成為了魔族之王 —「魔王」,替魔族抱不平,他相當體恤部下,還會假扮成勇者到處賺外快,只為了付給部下薪水。


這次 TOYZEROPLUS 跟台灣的人氣網絡漫畫家 — 黃色書刊 合作,歡迎他加入 Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) 的家庭!「舉手魔王」搪膠公仔全高約 6.6CM,並以獨立的背卡包裝。

“More Want” (In Chinese means “King of Devil”) was originally a human being, but after experiencing the malice of human, he turned to be one of the devils instead, and he even became the king. More Want stands for the devils all the time and he is quite compassionate. He often pretends to be the warriors and work hard to earn a living, so to pay salary to his subordinates.

Warriors may not be necessarily the justice ones, and the devil may not be really the devil ones. It is just because everyone makes different decisions when they are facing a number of choices.

Welcome the popular Taiwanese online cartoonist, “Yellow Book” to join the “Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.)” family with TOYZEROPLUS! Made of soft vinyl, “More Want” is 6.6CM tall and is packed separately with a back card.


Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) - 舉手魔王


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Raise Up Your Hands (R.U.Y.H.) - More Want
+Artist: Yellow Book

Size: 6.6CM tall
Material: Soft vinyl
Retail price: HKD$100
Made in China
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS