PP Lucky Kitten Daruma (Happy Lunar New Year Edition)


Artist: AAAZ
Carrying a mysterious paper-cutting of a golden carp on its back, every cut and trim exudes the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival 🌸 Symbolizing abundance and prosperity, the red window decoration acts as a magical entrance 🌟 As you gaze at the PP Lucky Kitten Daruma on its back, childhood memories of festive reunions with family come to mind, leading you into a joyful and harmonious world... Wherever you are, in a bustling city or a peaceful village, embrace the arrival of the Lunar New Year and encounter good fortune 🍀️ PP Lucky Kitten Daruma is here, with its sparkling eyes, to guide you as your auspicious messenger for the new year 🐱🎊

🧨️ PP Lucky Kitten Daruma (Happy Lunar New Year Edition) 🧨
+Artist: AAAZ

💰 Price: HKD 180
📌 Material: Soft Vinyl
📌 Size: ~ 6.7cm tall
📅 Available on: 19th January 2024 HKT 12:00 PM

*Limited quantity, available while supplies last.
*Due to lighting, display screens, and camera factors, there may be slight discrepancies between the product and the actual item. Please refer to the actual item.
*This product is mass-produced, and minor issues such as color overflow, mold lines, or slight packaging damage are within the normal range and will not be eligible for return or exchange. Please consider before making a purchase.

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About the Artist

Came from Guangzhou, AAAZ is both an illustrator and tattoo artist. She is not just a fan of graphic design but also handcrafting. “AAA-Z” is the brand she created and because of her curiosity of different materials, she always tries new things in her designs and creations.

Recently, she has been collaborating with TOYZEROPLUS, a toy brand from Hong Kong, which has started her journey in the art toy industry by her first designer toy “PP BABY”. 


AAAZ近年更跟香港玩具品牌TOYZEROPLUS合作,以個人的首隻設計師玩具「PP BABY」開始踏足潮流玩具界。